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"Immediately I saw the value it added as a service offering to my clients"

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"Right away people were asking me: can you do that for me?"

Video animation just got kicked up seventeen notches.

And that could mean the greatest opportunity of your life.

The opportunity to have your videos grab attention faster than Scarlett Johansson in a string bikini. The opportunity to have your competitors lying awake at night wondering how YOU managed to create the Hollywood-quality production that’s stolen all their clients. The opportunity to deliver stings of such incredibly high quality, clients will be fighting tooth and nail to give you their money.

Amateur Hour is over. It’s time to stop ‘doing video’. You’re about to start making movies.

This Is Your Chance To Be Part Of The Revolution That’s Changing Video Animation Forever

We’re Viddyoze

We’ve got over 50,000 Active Users

We’ve helped our customers create thousands of successful businesses, ranging from wildly profitable sidelines, to full-on “honey I’m quitting the day job” monsters.

And soon, we’re going to ask you to join us.

"It’s very easy for anyone to use"

Just like we asked James:

“Viddyoze Has Let Me Close An Extra £20,000 In Deals.”

James joined us during our very first Viddyoze launch, and he’s used the app to close an extra twenty thousand pounds’ worth of deals. At today’s exchange rate, that’s about twenty-six thousand dollars.


All for pushing a few buttons.

And then there’s Howard...

“I Have Several Clients And Sell Viddyoze To Every One Of Them.”

Howard’s sold Viddyoze templates either as-seen or as part of a package, for anywhere up to $3000. He sells to healthcare, contractors and real estate clients... and his business is thriving.

“Using Viddyoze Has Opened Doors For My Business I Could Never Have Imagined.”

David only started his company last year.

Now, he’s working with clients in Mexico, Canada and Greece. He’s making videos to help promote the arts and raise money for cancer care. He’s working with a non-profit in Uganda to help dig wells.

With Viddyoze, David’s helping to change the world.

This is important: these guys weren’t special. They’re just regular people trying to build their businesses and make a bit of extra cash, just like you.

And right now, you’re staring at an opportunity even better than the one they had.

Because previous versions of Viddyoze let you enter the video animation marketplace.

Viddyoze Live Action lets you disrupt it.

If You Want Your Videos To Pull Like A Billion-Dollar Blockbuster, They Need To Do Just ONE Thing Better Than The Competition


That’s all your videos need to do. It’s all that matters. It’s really THAT simple.

You want to know why most videos sink faster than the Titanic?

Because there’s over 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, that’s why.

Because the Facebook newsfeed is drowning in the same boring video ads desperately after a like and share, that’s why.

And that’s why, if your videos aren’t UNIQUE, SHOWSTOPPING, and STRAIGHT UP AWESOME from the very first second, they’re dead in the water.

"It’s dramatically increased my referrals"

Most People Think The Way To Grab Attention Is Digital Animation... But They’re About To Get A Big Shock

Before we explain why, you need to see this.

This is the Envato marketplace:

Here, people sell digitally animated logo stings and make out like bandits doing so.

These guys can charge $80, $100, $150 dollars, just for using an AfterEffects template.

And people pay this, because they know grabbing attention is everything. And they know how effective these logo stings are. And they also know they got ZERO interest in shelling out hundreds of dollars EVERY YEAR for AfterEffects, only to spend the next 6 months mastering it.

So yeah, these animators think they’ve got this whole niche sewn up tight.

But Video Has A BIG Problem... And No-One Wants To Talk About It

Digital animation is becoming more and more common. You can’t stand out by looking the same as everyone else. Everyone’s using the same ‘super-strategies’, but when everyone’s super, no-one is.

Do these guys know this?

Sure. They just don’t think anyone’s going to do anything about it.

But something’s coming that’s going to give these animators more sleepless nights than the Blair Witch Project.


You And Viddyoze Live Action Are About To Give Video Animation The Biggest Kick Of Its Life

Viddyoze Live Action takes animation beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.

Because we asked the question:

WHY should you be limited to digital animation?

Now look: there’s nothing wrong with digital animation. Our Viddyoze users have made hundreds of thousands – maybe millions – of dollars from them.

It still gets results. It can still be effective.

But what if you don’t want ‘effective’? What if you don’t want to join the crowd, but STAND OUT from it? What if you want to be the BEST?


You go Live Action:

Don’t you wish your videos looked this good?

Viddyoze Live Action Is The First And ONLY Video Animation Engine To Use Groundbreaking

Let’s be clear:

This isn’t something you can do with AfterEffects.

This isn’t something you can do with ANY other video animation platform.

When you use Viddyoze Live Action, it doesn’t matter how expensive the competition’s software is. It doesn’t matter how many years of animation experience they’ve got.

If they’re Disney, you’re Pixar. The only way they can get what you’ve got is to pay you a fortune for it.

Until then, you’ll be delivering stings that they simply can’t match.

And you can do it in minutes, even if you’ve never made a video before in your life.

Until Now, Effects Like This Cost THOUSANDS Of Dollars To Produce

Before, this wasn’t something you could just do from a computer.

You needed models. You needed actors. You needed a film crew.

If you wanted one, you had to go to a custom agency, who would charge you THOUSANDS for a minute of footage.

But Now, You Too Can Produce Incredible Stings Like These At The Click Of A Button

We hired the models. We hired the actors. We hired the film crew.

And we produced 100 incredible templates that blend stunning live-action footage with Viddyoze’s cutting-edge cloud rendering technology.

So now you can produce results like this in just a few clicks:

You’re Going To Leave Every Other Video Animator Far, Far Behind

Because with Viddyoze Live Action, you’re joining a revolution.

Whether you want to make your own business look like it belongs in the Fortune 500, or you want to sell animations to clients for the best hourly rate you’ve ever earned...

Now, you can make it happen.

Create Next-Level Live Animation In Just A Few Clicks

Not a fan of spending months trying to work out hugely complicated software? Can’t be bothered to spend 4 years on an animation degree? Yeah, us neither.

Viddyoze Live Action is designed to eliminate your learning curve.

Upload your logo, choose your live-action template, and push the button. There is literally nothing else to it.

Grab Attention Instantly

Viddyoze Live Action gives your videos the biggest ‘WOW’ factor on the internet.

With live footage and professional actors working for you, your prospects will find their eyes drawn to your video like bees to honey.

So of the dozens of videos they see every day, it’ll be your one that gets the views.

Beautiful Branding

Now more than ever, your brand needs to stand out.

And standing out is something Viddyoze Live Action makes you very, VERY good at.

When you have professional actors and stunning models taking care of your first impression, your brand will look more high-class, more professional, and more like something people want to be part of... and your competitors will be blown out of the water.

No Experience Needed

Never made a video before in your life? Doesn’t matter.

Viddyoze Live’s Action point-and-click system means ANYONE can now create intros that rival the top studios.

It’s so easy it’s almost criminal.

Flood Your Business With Clients Desperate For What You Sell

If there’s one thing EVERY business needs, it’s attention.

That’s why digital animators can do so well even when they only offer standard video stings.

When you’re offering something as spectacular as the results of Viddyoze Live Action, they’ll be beating a path to your door.

Work From Anywhere

Viddyoze Live Action is entirely based in the cloud... and that means NO complicated software to download, NO being tied to a desk, and NO need to invest in high-powered equipment.

You’ll be creating your videos from anywhere with a wifi signal.

While everyone else is stuck in an office, you’ll be hanging out in your favourite bar or cafe, browsing the web and checking out the waitresses... and still getting all your videos created in double-quick time.

In fact...

Viddyoze Live Action Is Fully Mobile-Ready... So You Can Direct The WHOLE Show From Your Smartphone

And that’s probably the most important point of the lot.

No-one goes into business because they like being chained to a desk.

But imagine being able to run a super-profitable business from the palm of your hand.

That’s why Viddyoze Live Action exists completely in the cloud. So it doesn’t matter where you are... the park, the cafe, the beach. If you’ve got data, you can run your business from anywhere.

Go out on a yacht. Climb a mountain. You can still be making videos and making bank...

...and doing it on your terms

And When It’s This Easy To Create Animations, You Can Get Everything Done In Minutes

If anyone else wants to produce Hollywood-quality videos like this, they’ll need a film crew.

You can do it in just three steps... and hiring Steven Spielberg is not one of them.

Choose your live template from the huge collection

Upload your logo file and add any text you want included

Hit “render”

And that’s it.

Hollywood-quality video, made so simple that you can create it with no experience.

"I’d definitely recommend Viddyoze to anyone just starting their online business"

This Is The Most Powerful Video Marketing Platform Ever, Bar None


With videos this hot, you want to keep them safe. Viddyoze Live Action lets you add watermarks to all your videos that only YOU can remove, letting everyone know that this is your property.


Every great movie has a great score, so we’ve made sure every Viddyoze Live Action template has a custom-created audio track to subtly lock in attention and get pulses racing.

Cloud service

Use Viddyoze Live Action anywhere you like. Business should be fun – and with Viddyoze Live Action, you can live your life and make money at the same time.

Designer template library

Viddyoze Live Action comes with a treasure-trove of professional templates for a wide variety of businesses and niches. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

Member’s area and full training

Viddyoze Live Action is set up to make everything as easy as possible, so you can access everything you need from one user-friendly screen (including simple set-up videos on how to get the most from the system)

No experience necessary

Every template is ready to go, so you don’t need any experience in design. Just upload your logo and click the button.

Easy customisation

Easily shift the colour palette of your logo and add text to your videos. There’s no need to think about complex design... just choose the colours you want, and Viddyoze Live Action will do the rest.

Commercial licence

Open a lucrative second income stream by selling your incredible new videos to clients

100% compatibility

Viddyoze Live Action renders all your videos in MP4 format, so you can use them with any video editor or web platform.

Fast customer service

We’ve got a dedicated support team on call 24/7. If you’ve ever got a problem, we’ll get back to you inside one business day.

Full support and updates

Viddyoze Live Action is supported by a full-time team of designers, videographers and developers who are constantly improving the service... so whenever we release an update, you’ll be the first to get it.

Unlimited usage rights

You’ll never be limited on how many times you can use an animation. When you’ve rendered a video, it’s 100% yours. Use it as many times in as many videos as you like.

Just Imagine... What Would Someone Give You To Produce Video Like This?

You think you’re the only one impressed by these templates?

Not a chance.

With Viddyoze Live Action, you’ll be creating the kind of stings most businesses would kill to have.

And with the Commercial licence, you’ve got full rights to sell any videos you’ve created using Viddyoze Live Action for as much as you like.

Just imagine it...

In an endless sea of AE-style animation, you’re the bright spark offering live video. You’re the one who stands out. So you’re the one who gets to charge premium rates.

Even animators who only create ‘normal’ stings are charging up to $150 each.

Just imagine what you can sell these for. $100, $200, $400... and it’ll STILL look like a bargain.

And all you’ll be doing is uploading a logo your client provides.

Don’t worry – we won’t tell them how easy it is if you don’t ;)

And With

In A Wide Variety Of Niches, Your Market Is HUGE


Show the sweat, the effort and the beautiful people with templates specifically tailored for this high-competition niche. Gyms are looking for any advantage to stand out from the competition... and when you can give it to them, they’ll pay handsomely.

Office-based business

Want videos that scream ‘professional’? Our office templates can be used for a huge variety of businesses.


Mouth-watering footage can’t fail to grab the attention of hungry customers... or the attention of restaurant owners looking to fill empty seats on a Tuesday night.


Special multi-image templates let you showcase a whole portfolio in a live-action setting, letting you deliver videos to your clients that are picture and pixel perfect.


Tech firms are some of the world’s biggest spenders, and these templates let you cash in by making logo stings that say ‘we come from the future’.


Nobody wants a Spa that doesn’t make them look and feel like a million dollars, so why use anything but the most beautiful models for your advertising?

Coffee shops

The hiss of the coffee-maker and the smell of roasted beans... these classic templates bring the buzz of the cafe direct to video, and your clients are going to love it.

And MANY more

Don’t feel you’re limited to just these... you’ll also get a huge variety of generic templates you can use for any business, keeping your market as big as possible.

This Is Available Literally Nowhere Else

Our templates are protected more tightly than the latest series of Game Of Thrones, which means if you wanted to create stings like these without Viddyoze Live Action, you’d need a studio. A film crew. Actors. Models. Contracts. Days of shooting and editing.

So when we open to the public, Viddyoze Live Action will be understandably expensive.

The Commercial licence will be $197/month.

Even then, the app would pay for itself if you sold just one sting per month.

But right now, you don’t have to pay those rates.

For the next few days only, you can get Viddyoze Live Action at an incredible


Not $67/month. Not even $67/year.

$47 just once. Permanent access.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out Viddyoze Live Action today while the opportunity to lock in access for a fraction of the public price is still available.

Test Viddyoze Live Action out for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply send one email to our friendly support team and we’ll refund you 100% of your investment here today without hesitation. That’s a promise.

Beautiful Videos. Bigger Profits. Just 3 Clicks.

This launch won’t last forever, so if you want to create videos that will leave your audience awestruck, and compel them to act, there is no better time to start than right now.

Don’t let this opportunity slip the net… then suffer a pang of regret every time a monthly payment gets debited from your account…

Lock in access now for a fraction of what you’d normally pay and start making the best videos your friends and colleagues have ever seen.

Come join the video revolution. Start making movies.

All the best,

The Viddyoze Team

Choose your licence below

Viddyoze Lite

Personal Licence

Unlimited Access To Viddyoze

Maximum of 30 Renders per Month

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 52% and never pay for animations again

One Time Payment

$97 / Month


Commercial Licence

Unlimited Access To Viddyoze

Unlimited Monthly Renders - For Ever

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Clients Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 52% and never pay for animations again

One Time Payment

$197 / Month

This Blockbuster Launch Deal Is Ending Soon

Don’t miss out on this massive opportunity to save money on your videos for life.

Lock in access today and put a powerful video tool in your marketing arsenal, that you’ll use again and again to produce stunning, compelling, high converting videos…

This is a real opportunity to pay once and profit for life.

Choose your licence below:

Viddyoze Lite

Personal Licence

Unlimited Access To Viddyoze

Maximum of 30 Renders per Month

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 52% and never pay for animations again

One Time Payment

$97 / Month


Commercial Licence

Unlimited Access To Viddyoze

Unlimited Monthly Renders - For Ever

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Clients Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 52% and never pay for animations again

One Time Payment

$197 / Month


Do I get digital animations too?

Viddyoze Live Action is all about live-action. There’s a lot of great uses for digital animation, but when it comes to grabbing attention NOW, live is better. That said, if you want to create digital animation as well, Viddyoze can do that – and you’ll have the chance to get hundreds of digital animation templates as an OTO after your Viddyoze Live Action purchase.

What if I already own Viddyoze?

Then when you purchase Viddyoze Live Action, you’ll get all 100 live templates added straight in to your existing Viddyoze account. You won’t need a new login – it’ll all happen from one place.

Does this work on a Mac?

Yes it does! Viddyzoe Live Action works like a dream – not just on your Mac, but on your smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation and your Chromebook too. That’s because Viddyoze Live Action lives in the cloud, on our high-grade secure servers, which means all you need to do is connect to a web-browser. (And we really hope you’re doing that from some tropical island, or in-between snowboarding runs…)

Can I use Viddyoze Live Action on my tablet?

Unless you’re Moses, and you’re talking about redoing the 10 commandments, I’m just going to direct your eyes up one question, and leave it at that.

Good point, well made. How do I add a Viddyoze Live Action sting to my videos?

Viddyoze Live Action will export your videos in MP4 format, so you can add them to the beginning of your video with pretty much any video rendering software. We like Camtasia, but other renderers are available.

Do the templates come with audio?

You betcha. Every template has a custom-designed audio track to give your animations huge impact – but if you don’t want to use it, that’s cool. Just select ‘mute’ and render your animation for a silent version you can add your own sound to later.

Are all the templates I can see on this page included?

Every single one, plus loads more. There’s 100 ready and waiting for you in your Viddyoze Live Action account.

Every single one, plus loads more. There’s 100 ready and waiting for you in your Viddyoze Live Action account.

As many as you like, it’s totally unlimited. You can render as many templates as you like, as many times as you like. And if you’ve got the Commercial Licence, you can sell them as many times as you like, too.

How long do templates take to render?

It depends on how many people are using our servers at the time, but they’re usually done in about the time it takes to make and drink a coffee.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course – if you’re not happy with Viddyoze Live Action, we don’t want your money. You get 30 days to try out the platform. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll send you a refund. You can even keep any animations you’ve rendered in that time.

How much will Viddyoze Live Action be after the launch is over?

A $197 sign-up fee, then $97/month.

That’s quite expensive.

Yes it is.

I should get on this offer, then. Where can I get my licence?

Just choose which one you want below. Click the ‘buy now’ button, and we’ll do the rest.

Viddyoze Lite

Personal Licence

Unlimited Access To Viddyoze

Maximum of 30 Renders per Month

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 52% and never pay for animations again

One Time Payment

$97 / Month


Commercial Licence

Unlimited Access To Viddyoze

Unlimited Monthly Renders - For Ever

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos

Unlimited Use Of Animations For Clients Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 52% and never pay for animations again

One Time Payment

$197 / Month