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What is the difference between Viddyoze & Viddyoze Live Action?

Viddyoze allows users to create logo stingers, outros, call to actions, social actions and alpha animations. These animations are all digital assets you can use in your videos.

Viddyoze Live Action on the other hand allows you to add your logo or images to moving cinematic sequences, essentially bringing your logo or image to life in a pre-shot scene. Please check out the sales pages from the product section to learn more.

Do I need both Viddyoze & Viddyoze Live Action?

It depends entirely on what you want to create. If it’s just digital animations then its best to purchase Viddyoze. If you need cinematic sequences we suggest Live Action. If you need both, get both!

Is Viddyoze & Viddyoze Live Action two different apps and logins?

No, both products are in the same place. They just give you different access permissions, but you would use the exact same login URL and credentials to get access.

Does this work on a Mac?

Yes it does! Viddyzoe works like a dream – not just on your Mac, but on your smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation and your Chromebook too. That’s because Viddyoze lives in the cloud, on our high-grade secure servers, which means all you need to do is connect to a web-browser. (And we really hope you’re doing that from some tropical island, or in-between snowboarding runs...)

How do I add a Viddyoze animation to my existing videos?

Viddyoze will export your videos in MP4 format, so you can add them to the beginning of your video with pretty much any video rendering software. We like Camtasia, but other editors are available.

Do the templates come with audio?

You betcha. Every template has a custom-designed audio track to give your animations huge impact – but if you don’t want to use it, that’s cool. Just select ‘mute’ and render your animation for a silent version you can add your own sound to later.

How long do templates take to render?

It depends on how many people are using our servers at the time, but they’re usually done in about the time it takes to make and drink a coffee.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course – if you’re not happy with any of our products, we don’t want your money. You get 30 days to try the app out. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll send you a refund. You can even keep any animations you’ve rendered in that time.

Where are the tutorials?

Please login to Viddyoze and click on the ‘HELP' section inside the app. You’ll see a bunch of tutorials to guide you through Viddyoze and show you how to best make use of the platform.

If there’s anything in this FAQ or in the app help section that doesn’t answer your question, please submit a support ticket using the form on this page.