Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with Viddyoze or your account, please check the FAQs below. For any other queries, contact us.

Are there any limits on how many videos I can create?

With the commercial license you can create as many videos as you like! If you purchase the personal license you are limited to 30 videos per month. We highly recommend purchasing the commercial license.

What's the difference between the personal license and the commercial license?

There are a number of differences between the two licenses, which you can view on our pricing page. One of the best things about the commercial license is that it allows you to resell your video animations. The personal license does not.

Do the templates come with audio?

You betcha. Every template has a custom-designed audio track to provide your animations with even more oomph. But you don’t have to use it. Just uncheck the blue tick next to the audio and you can render your animation for a silent version or add your own sounds or voice over later.

How long does it take for templates to render?

It depends on how many people are using our servers at the time, but they’re usually done in about the time it takes to make and drink a coffee – or a cup of tea.

Is there a monthly fee?

There is no monthly fee with the commercial license or personal license. If you join the Viddyoze Template Club – more on this below – there is a $37 monthly fee.

How many templates are there?

If you opt for a commercial license, you’ll receive 240 plus templates. If you decide on a personal license, you’ll get 170 templates. If however you join the Viddyoze Template Club you’ll get access to over 1500 templates – with an additional 15-20 new templates added to our library each month.

What if I want more templates?

In order to access all the Viddyoze library templates, we encourage you to join the Viddyoze Template Club. You can join and find out more about the Template Club here