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... And You Can Just Walk Away With The Keys To Our $12 Million Dollar Business.

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Thanks again! By investing in Viddyoze today, you've bought into a juggernaut.

Viddyoze made 12 million dollars in revenue last year. It's currently generating $680,000 recurring profit every month. Membership is growing at a phenomenal pace.

EVERYBODY is jumping onboard - from tiny homespun mom-and-pop operations, to millennial vloggers, brick and mortar businesses, to mega brands like Sony, Coke, and Tesla.

It's been non-stop growth since day 1 and your investment today makes you part of that.

But instead of being a small part of it, we want to you to TAKE a BIG part of it.

And this final offer lets you do EXACTLY that.


We’re Preparing Something BIG. Something That Lets YOU Carve Off A Fat Juicy Slice Of Our EXISTING $12,000,000/Year Business...

Three words.

Viddyoze White Label

Very soon, you’re going to be able to take Viddyoze, slap on your own brand, and keep 100% of the revenue.

This is your chance to sell the most successful Internet Marketing product ever, as if it's your own product.

But that's not all you can do:


Sell a super-premium, enterprise level software under your own brand, without spending a dime on research, development, testing, design, product support, maintenance, hosting or bandwidth!


Simply expand on your existing offer with an easy to sell product and build up a sticky recurring income.


Promote a product that performs beyond all expectations - especially when making sales via cold traffic and paid ads.


Promote a product that performs beyond all expectations - especially when making sales via cold traffic and paid ads.


Find customers online, offline and waiting in line... because truth be told, just about anyone looking to make money for their business today is looking for an easy way to create video, which you now supply.

Why are we so confident you’ll be able to do this? Because of one thing we’ve discovered about what it really takes to get a $12M/yr business...


It’s Not About Genius Marketing. It’s About Having A Genius Product.

Look, we’re not going to say this was all just luck. We worked hard. We put in the hours. You’ll need to, too.

But we didn’t sell $12,000,000 of Viddyoze last year by being clever.

We’ve got a simple funnel (which you know all about, because you just went through it), and then we run ads straight to the sales page.

That’s it.

Honestly, it’d be neat to feel all smug about some super-complex funnel with chatbots and content marketing and all the stuff marketers talk about when they want to sound cool.

But we didn’t need any of that, for one very good reason...

Circles Macs

Viddyoze Sells Like Crazy! And Very Soon, You Can Sell It Too.

The Viddyoze White Label is scheduled for release later this year.


And it’s going to be available to all our Viddyoze Agency users – and this will be the ONLY way to get it.

Viddyoze Agency usually costs an eye-watering $997/mo

and it’s worth every cent. But right now, you’ve got the chance to get in at a truly enormous discount.

And while you should be incredibly excited about the opportunity the white label represents, what’s available to you right now isn’t just a promise of cool stuff in the future...

Viddyoze Agency Is The Single Biggest Opportunity To Profit With Viddyoze. Period.

The White Label will be the biggest upgrade Viddyoze Agency has ever seen.

But Agency is about more than that. It’s about being able to expand your Viddyoze business and set up your own subscription income... however you choose to do it.

And when you invest in Agency, this is what you get right now:


Resell Viddyoze With Subaccounts

RIGHT NOW, you’ll be given 10 sub-accounts you can either provide to clients or simply use to set up your own reseller business. You’ve got full rights to sell these seats under any terms you choose.

Achieve unrestricted growth with Teams

One of the most important upgrades you get as an agency member is the ability to create teams. Because teams are the secret to unrestricted growth, letting you overcome time constraints to double, triple or even quadruple your Viddyoze animation output without missing a beat.



Agency members tend to go big with resource heavy projects, that usually take time to put together. We don't want you to be waiting for hours while you render one animation at a time, we don't you waiting around at all. That's why we open up the full rendering power of our animation engine for you to render multiple videos at once.

Unlimited Groups and Palettes

Standard Viddyoze users aren’t running 10 separate projects requiring consistent branding across multiple videos... but as an agency user, the chances are you will be, which is why we developed ‘groups and palettes’.

Create one click templates, save them in your library, and save your entire team a tremendous amount of time whenever you need a repeating element like a logo, color scheme, or animation.

Original Image Original
Original Image Bespoke

Viddyoze Bespoke Animation Service

Do you wish an animation had a different font? Different music? Or what if you wanted a very specific animation created from scratch? For a small fee, our Bespoke Service makes getting exactly what you want, exactly how you want it, as easy as asking.

Custom Pages

Set yourself apart from the crowd (and even other Viddyoze users) by sending custom-made branded pages to prospects with animation previews that will make their decision to hire you a no brainer.


Increased Customisation

Images, fonts, colours... you name it, you can change it, giving you an unrivalled amount of control.


Our templates come with killer audio tracks by default, but in Template Club you can push the quality of your videos to the highest level by choosing from multiple audio options per template.


$11,000/ year or $997/month is a great deal for a slice of a $12,000,000/year business where you get to keep 100% of every sale you make


That's the price you'll pay to get Agency Access anywhere but here.

But you won't be paying anywhere near that today.

Because for a limited time only we're offering full access to Viddyoze Agency AND special early adopter white label rights at a huge discount.


You'll Be Enrolled In Our $1500 Viddyoze University Program - For FREE!

This internal learning platform gives you access to over 17 of our most premium training courses.

Teaching you, showing you, and helping you with far more than simply "selling Viddyoze."

It's a marketing goldmine capable to transforming the fortunes of marketing newbies as well as marketing pros.

You'll get access to:

Viddyoze Expert & Viddyoze Expert Pro

These 2 premium courses give you an 11-step strategy for finding and collaborating with affiliate partners.

You get a proven system for used to sell over 100,000 products, and more importantly put over 100,000 customers on an email list.

And you get to come behind the scenes and see how we launched a simple information product and sold over 2,500 copies in just 4 short days.

If you've never sold a thing online before, or you've always fancied running an affiliate launch to generate a huge list and big pay day in record time, Viddyoze Expert and Viddyoze Expert Pro are for you.

Fade to Black & Fade to Black Lightspeed Edition

These 2 premium courses combine to give you the most in-demand skill on the planet.

All Joey Xoto asks for is 20 days of your time and he promises to turn you into "the Hitchcock of marketing" with the most comprehensive video creation course the world has ever seen.

If you've liked the Videos you've seen on these pages, you're going to love this.

Your content videos will get shared more. Your sales videos will convert harder.

Your clients won't know what hit them when you deliver cinematic quality video with enough emotional punch to make Mike Tyson cry.

While Fade to Black Lightspeed gets you thinking and acting like a pro videographer without even trying with 4 real-time pro-video projects, specifically designed to be used alongside your Fade to Black course.

By the time you’re done making these pro-videos you’ll have all the SKILLS and all the CONFIDENCE needed go out and start shooting, editing, and publishing practically ANY type of marketing video.

And that's just a small taste of what you'll be able to learn inside Viddyoze University.

There's another 13 of our best self-paced courses, totalling over $2000 in value, ready to give you the marketing education you need when you need it most and covering critical subjects like:

The secret to sales & listbuilding

The reverse sales method exclusive to Viddyoze and Viddyoze users.

How to sell your videos in 6 short steps and one simple conversation.

How much to charge... how to charge more... and how to make it a recurring payment.

The freelancer guide to building a magnetic profile.

Don't think you've got what it takes to consult for eye-watering fees? Think again with this £30,000 lesson on structuring an elite consultation offer.

E-commerce and social media tips from the Dragons' Den (AKA the UK version of Shark Tank).

5 pre-recorded coaching sessions with us, on building your business from scratch previously costing attendees $XXX each.

Advanced sales training from a world class sales trainer, who charges $5,000/per attendee - yours free today.

The Doug Glazy podcast - our most loved Podcast from one of Viddyoze most successful members delivers so much gold for those lucky enough to listen.

Take Viddyoze and conquer social with video specific social media training

Professional copywriting training - aka - how to never be without money again.

How to find, close, and structure partner & reseller opportunities (word to the wise: this training + Viddyoze White Label could alter the course of your life...)

And much more...


We WANT you to succeed, because we know, first-hand

(a) how easy it is to sell Viddyoze, and

(b) how much people love using it LONG TERM.

And those two things can legitimately create a life changing business for anyone selling it.

But just to make absolutely certain you can START SELLING Viddyoze right out of the gates we'll got one final asset you're going to love!

Viddyoze Agency Sells To The General Public For $11,000/Year... or $997/Month

But TODAY, and ONLY on this page you can get everything in Viddyoze Agency for just $297/month.

That’s a 70% discount, saving you $8,400/yr.

But this is your ONLY chance to pick this deal up and secure this incredible white label offer.

If you miss out... tough.

This deal is already EXTREMELY generous.

It’s ONLY for people who are willing to step up and take MASSIVE action TODAY. Miss it, and the cheapest you'll see it again will be $11,000/year as an upfront investment.

Circles 70%

It's The Ultimate Risk-Free Business.

ACT NOW to lock in this special price and take 30 days RISK-FREE to make sure this is something you really want to do.

If you change your mind for any reason, we'll refund you in full no questions asked.

Can't say fairer than that.

Join Viddyoze Agency And Take A Huge Bite Of Our $12,000,000/Year Action.

Sell Viddyoze, sell access to Viddyoze, sell both! It's entirely your choice.

But make no mistake, this is your golden ticket to having a big business online. End of.

Not because it's such a well-loved product that basically sells itself. Not because the very nature of the software creates a sticky recuring income that will pay you month after month after month.

It's because you're getting the finished article.

There's no need for market research, there's no development, maintenance, or support costs.

You haven't had to plough in hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring this product to market. You're just selling a proven product, with 5 years of INCREASING SALES, and keeping 100% of the profits.


Not only that, but instead of paying $11,000 year upfront to be able to sell Viddyoze as your own.... you're only paying $297/month with zero obligations.

And you've got a 30 day risk-free money back period to get up and running.

Plus, you're saving a further $2000 with your free enrolment into Viddyoze University.

Here you have access to tools, resources, and information with the very real potential to make you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars should you apply it... both with Viddyoze and with every other aspect of your marketing.

It's a huge opportunity, and it's limited to this page only.

So, if you want to give it go, and take a huge bite out of our $12,0000/year pie, click below and we'll get you set up to start selling!

Upgrade To Viddyoze Agency Now And Save Over $8400/year!

Here's what you're getting:

Includes everything you get from being a Template Club member, PLUS...

Get Early Adopter White Label Rights Included (Coming Winter 2020)

Get Full Access To Template Club Included In Price (Save $444/year)* (2000+ Premium Viddyoze Templates, 15 New Cutting-Edge Templates Delivered Monthly, Unlimited Renders, Multi-Render, Multi Audio, Sound FX, Background Removal Tool , Animation GIFs, Member Library)

Get 10 Subaccounts To Resell Today

Get Free Enrolment to Viddyoze University (Save $2000)

Plus - Upgrade Viddyoze With

Bespoke Animation Service

Palettes & Groups


Custom Pages

Normally, $11,000 Year or $997/month...


$297 / month
Upgrade Now
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