Get More. Do More. Be More.With This Exclusive One-Time Offer

Get 1500+ Premier Templates, Unlimited Renders, And The World's Most Cutting-Edge Animations Delivered Directly To Your App!


You now have access to the world’s best video animation platform.

Studio grade animations, live action logo stings, social media templates, alpha technology, super-fast renders, and hundreds of incredible templates are all waiting for you right now.

Whether you’re planning on making videos for yourself or for clients, you'll be making some of the best-looking videos on the planet.

But before you jump in...

Here's how you can get more, do more, and be more with Viddyoze while saving yourself thousands of dollars in the process.

Dots Dots

Viddyoze Puts You On Top. Template Club Keeps You There.

Before we go any further, let's save you a bunch of time.

This offer won't be for everyone.

If you’re ONLY planning on using Viddyoze to make a couple of animations every now and again, then you SHOULD skip this offer because you already have everything you need.

But if you plan to get the very best out of Viddyoze... if you want it to form the backbone of your business by keeping you on the cutting edge of animation and video design, this offer is for you.

Power Up Your Business And Fill Up Your Bank Account By Transforming Viddyoze Into An ELITE Service

It’s called ‘Template Club’. And it started that way.

But there’s so much more than that now.

This is a way to stay ahead of your competition every step of the way. It's a way to put more clients on your books. It's a way to KEEP clients on your books... and it's a way to keep your brand fresh, and your business interesting.

It also saves you a boatload of time and money both today and in the long term.


Here's just a few of the reasons people love Template Club:

Make sales, gain subscribers, and engage traffic in an ever-increasing number of niches both for yourself and for clients.

Always serve clients at the highest level (for the highest fees) by constantly exceeding their expectations.

Attract the kind of BIG DOG clients that can change your life... and produce videos of such high quality you can keep them on leash, salivating at your feet, begging you for video after video after video.

"It’s easy to use. Saves me time & money and is continuously refreshing itself!"

So why don’t we have a look at what’s in the box...

Top halfs

We'll Start You Off With 1500+ Premium Viddyoze Templates

Yeah, you read that right. 1500 TEMPLATES.

Joining Template Club gains you access to our most exclusive collection.

Each one has been created by a professional designer, handpicked by a professional marketer, and then approved by us, to perform 100% of the time.

Few people ever get access to these templates... and hey, exclusivity is good. But VARIETY is so much better.

And you've got a vast wealth of resources waiting for you inside Template Club.

Enabling you to operate in as many niches as your business can handle and letting you instantly 10X what you can offer your clients in terms of animations.


Which means:

Smile head

You’re never caught lacking for design ideas or inspiration needed to keep customers, clients, and fans engaged in today's fast-moving attention economy.

Piggy bank

You're making massive savings in both time and money by removing the need to research and design for new trends, or sudden changes in market direction.


You're able to become a trend setter instead of being a trend follower and capitalize on the explosive growth that comes with being among the first to move.


15 New Cutting-Edge Templates Are Added Every Month

Unique to Template Club members is the ability to always be a cut about your competition.

By operating on the bleeding edge, with brand new templates delivered directly to your Viddyoze app every month, you keep your videos fresh and your business, brand and technology current.

By staying current, you also become an essential part of your clients' world, that they can't live without.

Simply put: You Win.

But that's not all...

1500+ exclusive templates and a constant supply of brand-new templates put you in a privileged position, but it's not just about variety.

Circles Macs

You Don’t Just Get 10x More Templates... You Get To Do More With Them. More Renders. More Flexibility. More Profit.


Square & Vertical Templates New

The new version of Viddyoze features brand new templates specifically suited to square & vertical formats, perfect for all social media platforms!

Multi Font Support New

Viddyoze expands its robust customisation features to now allow users to choose multiple fonts for their creations.


Multiple Audio Options Template Club Exclusive

Not feeling the default audio for your Viddyoze template? No problem, you’ll now be able to select from multiple different audio tracks per template!

Background Removal Tool Template Club Exclusive

Need to quickly kill the background of your image in Viddyoze? Now you can using our 1-click background removal tool.


Image Editing Tools New

Need to crop your images in Viddyoze before inserting it into a template? Now you can do this all inside of the template customisation options.

New Integrations Template Club Exclusive

Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash... users now have access to hundreds of thousands of images to import directly from inside the Viddyoze app. Simple browse for images and edit them right inside the app.


Animated GIF Export Template Club Exclusive

Need to crop your images in Viddyoze before inserting it into a template? Now you can do this all inside of the template customisation options.

Joining Template Club Means Being Rewarded At The Highest Level

Template club members are an elite bunch.

They have the drive, the tools, and the resources to operate faster than their competitors.

If you bring the drive, we'll give you the tools and resources to:

Create a hugely diverse portfolio...

targeting multiple niches and bursting at the seams with cutting-edge animations that close clients and prospects on the spot.

Scale up your profits...

by serving more clients, highly customizedvideo for the industry's top prices.

Put your business into hyperdrive by taking on multiple clients at a time...

With Viddyoze lightning fast Animation Engine multi-rendering concurrent jobs you'll be delivering animations, and even entire videos, faster than your competition.

Take advantage of changing marketing trends as they're happening...

while building your reputation as the "go to video expert."

This Is Your Best Chance To Join The Viddyoze Elite

Flying man

With Template Club as your secret weapon you're not just 'the video guy'.

You're the video guru that other videos gurus go to when they need work done.

At which point, you're looking at taking your business from budding freelancer to full-blown Agency, with a team to handle your work for you, and a profit margin that places you on a deserted island with a Pina Colada in each hand.

Don’t Let Losing This Chance Be Something You Regret

On one hand, if you miss the chance today and your animation business takes off tomorrow, next week or next month...

(a very real possibility with the power of Viddyoze)

... you'll wish you had Template Club to give you the range or tools and resources to embrace massive growth.


When that one special client comes by with the bankroll to change your life, you want to be able to offer them the world to make sure they sign with you.

On the other hand, this is not final. You'll still be able to join the Club when success comes your way.

But it'll be a bitter pill to swallow.

Because you'll be paying $97/month for the exact same access that everyone who joins today is getting for just $37/month.

Just $1.21/Day To Secure Over 1500 Premier Templates, A Never-Ending Supply Of Cutting Edge Designs, And Unlimited Renders.

Remember, we said this offer isn't for everyone.

This is one of those moments that sorts the wannabes who fear failure, from the people who see only abundance in their future.

$1.21/day is a tiny commitment for the raw power and freedom this upgrade gives your business.

But 98% of people will pass up this chance because they can't see the value, and they don't want to be tied to a monthly subscription.

The other 1% of people jump in guns blazing because they instantly see the potential.

They know selling a single animation each month will pay for at least 3 months of Template Club.

That leaves one 1% who need a nudge. They have the drive and ambition, but they don't want to commit.

If that's you, then you don't need to worry, you are under no-obligation to stay a member. You can cancel at any time.


Join Today To Secure The 60% Discount Then Take A Full 30 Days To See If You Like It.

If you don’t absolutely love being a member, we’ll refund you every last penny.

So, it’s 100% risk free.

The bigger risk is to wait. Miss this opportunity. Then regret it when you suddenly realize you need new templates, new branding, and fresh state-of-the-art designs.

The choice is yours, but offer is good for a short time only.

So whatever you decide, decide it today.

Joining is as simple as clicking the Join Template Club button below.

Do that now, and we’ll automatically set up your Viddyoze account to give you access to all of your exclusive content.

You need do nothing more than click below.

Welcome to the Club.

Team Viddyoze


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Access to 1500+ strong library of templates

15 new templates added every month

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Multiple Audio Options

Multi-aspect ratio templates

Multi-font support

Image editing functionality

Third party integrations

Sound Effects

Background removal

Animated GIF rendering

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Access to 1500+ strong library of templates

15 new templates added every month

Unlimited renders

Multiple Audio Options

Multi-aspect ratio templates

Multi-font support

Image editing functionality

Third party integrations

Sound Effects

Background removal

Animated GIF rendering

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