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"I enjoy being able to travel and do what I love... creating awesome videos for clients with the help of amazing tools like Viddyoze. Keep up the great work Team Viddyoze."

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It only takes one $20k whale client to blow the lid off of your scaling efforts...

And our Viddyoze Agency license enables you to service them immediately!


Here's the reality about working with clients…

It's perfectly fine to get your feet wet by servicing startups or fledgling businesses before you jump into the deep end of the prospect pool. After all, these clients can help you develop confidence in your customer service and videography skills. However, you do not have to spend years of your life building out a huge portfolio while working for scraps. You have the right to go after affluent clients after you have a handful of portfolio samples and the right tools to service them properly. Our Viddyoze Agency License gives you the capability to do that. We'll get into the details in just a moment. First, let's explore why these affluent clients are willing to pay top dollar for videos.

Professionally Branded Videos Are In Demand

The use of video on the internet is still in the infancy stage because the first YouTube video was posted on April 23rd, 2005. It's a bland 19-second video titled, "Me at the zoo". That rather boring video remains there to this day, but it served as a reminder about the online video revolution.

Fast forward to today and...

…millions of companies are jockeying for positions to get free search engine traffic that can result in sales. They rely on videos to do this for a variety of reasons.

For starters, Google rewards them with a higher page ranking for incorporating them on their website pages.

In case you're unaware, when it comes to ranking on a search engine page there's a general rule of thumb to follow. A business is pretty much nonexistent if it isn't indexed in one of the top 3 positions because people rarely look beyond those results. And it's nearly impossible to achieve that lofty goal these days without video content. This is one of the reasons why branded videos have become so crucial.

However, Google page rankings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of video content.


Take a look at these shocking statistics published by Wyzowl in 2019…

Marketers find that video helps improve viewers’ understanding of the company’s product or service
Online marketers use video content as part of their strategy
Marketers say video content has increased the amount of time visitors spend on their site
Marketers plan to increase their video marketing budget next year

Viddyoze Other research suggests even more great news...

  • A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. (Insivia)
  • Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)
  • 25% of companies publish videos every week. (Buffer)

As you can see… there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the future of video content. Every company will need more and more of it moving forward. They're going to need a steady stream of case study videos, how-to-videos, demonstration videos, etc. Some of which may even require multiple variants for them to choose from. All of it will need to be branded too!

And you can be their "go-to" provider when they need the work done.

Earning mind-melting paydays along the way!

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Feeling skeptical?

Our client Doug Grazly may have felt that way too. But he wrote into tell us this…


Hey Y’all. Sharing some good news results from offering Graphics and Video support for a restaurant in Smyrna, GA. I have landed a nearly $10K deal for a year of promotion for the restaurant! I’m very excited. It was made possible by the great purchase of ZSuite and Viddyoze. And the training we received via the ZSuite purchase bonus videos about pricing and offering packages! So, I’m thrilled! This is going to work, Y’all! 🙂 Hope Y’all are getting great results, too! Just had to share some happy news 🙂


And guess what…

Doug was even more amazed when a single referral for his Viddyoze business made him a cool $20,000 from a single client.

So, you know who’s not complaining about business being hard to grow? Doug!

He’s too busy serving his clients.

Because he already knows that one affluent client can change your life. Giving you the time and freedom to find more clients, without the stress of failure, or fearing the end of the month when the bills get dropped through the letterbox.

But Doug isn't the only one with this type of experience

Check out what David said after subscribing to our service...


I used two Viddyoze templates for an intro and outro for a documentary film I edited. It's being submitted to the Televsion Academy for consideration for an Emmy Award. Unfreaking believable.


Perhaps you're thinking that these guys just got lucky.

That they've already gobbled up most of the major players who need this type of work.

Instead of listening to the little voice inside of your head, let's get back to reality and put an actual number on the size of this gargantuan opportunity.


Video already dominates marketing budgets

In 2017, Magisto reported that 60% of businesses already spent 25% of their marketing budgets on video.

And experts predict that video marketing revenue is poised to keep on rising. This growth trend is poised to picking up pace, with the industry reaching $47.89 billion in revenue by the year 2022. (Statista)

Wouldn't you like to carve out a tiny sliver of that enormous pie?

At the moment, you could enjoy a great living claiming less than 1% of the total revenue.

A Viddyoze Agency License can help you do it!

But If You Want A Meteoric Rise To The Top, You Need To Bring A Few Traits To The Equation

A Viddyoze-based business is special because you don’t need any experience. You don’t need any special skills. You don't need to break the bank on buying lots of fancy equipment.

However, it's still a business and you have to approach it as such.

So, here's the reality...

If you want to grow from a small-time, side hustle that earns a little extra pocket money each month…


…into a life-changing business that supports you full-time where you have employees doing the work…

…then you'll need to bring a few important traits beyond your investment to the equation.

  • Lots of self-confidence
  • A strong work ethic
  • An unwavering commitment to building a better future

Can you do each of those things?

If so, we'll get you well on the way to achieving your goals!


We'll make it look like you have your very own brand of Viddyoze in the process.

But you have got to take action today because it's your one and only chance to get this service at a deep discount.

Introducing, one of the most lucrative internet business opportunities in recent history…


Viddyoze White Label

Imagine slapping your own brand onto Viddyoze and keeping 100% of the subscription revenue.

License To Sell Enterprise Level Software

You can brand our service and offer it to clients as if it's your very own. In other words, you get to benefit directly from our trials and tribulations.


Enjoy Recurring Income

Expand your offering capabilities with a service that helps you enjoy passive income.

Work With Brick & Mortar Businesses

Don't limit yourself to working with online customers. Traditional businesses with physical locations can benefit from these services too. Show them how you can help them generate more traffic and income.

Then enjoy an additional stream of income!
Original Image Original
Original Image Bespoke

2 Domain Options

Create Personalized Login Screens

Customize Reseller Accounts

Customize Your Account

Add Your Logo & Social Links

White Label Template Logos

Here's why all of this is such a BIG deal!

We Made A $12,000,000 Grubstake Of The Billions Available For Video Content In 2020

We call our earnings a grubstake because the industry was worth nearly $50 billion then. And it's still growing! We only took a small slice of the pie.

The best part…

There will be a lot more money to go around in the upcoming years. In other words, there's plenty of room for you to get in on the action too because the pie is growing!

This will be easy money when you put it in front of the right people. Not just because you'll be offering a world-class service.

It's because we've also done all of the hard work for you

Product research. Product development. Testing. Design. And more!

As a result, you get to focus your efforts on promoting a service that exceeds customer expectations

It doesn't get much better than that when it comes to operating a business.

Viddyoze Already Sells Like Crazy! And Very Soon… You'll Be Able To Sell It Like Crazy Too

White Label is scheduled for release later this year

And it will only be available to our Viddyoze Agency users. This will be your only chance to get access and enjoy a deep discount.

When purchased at the regular price Viddyoze Agency will cost $997/month. And the investment will still be worth every cent!

Right now you have the chance to get in on the opportunity at an enormous 75% discount.

Service affluent clients

Expand your business

Earn passive income

And when you invest today you'll be able to…

Resell Viddyoze Subaccounts

Provide Bespoke Animations

There will be times when you wish you had an animation with a different font. Music with a different sound. A very specific animation created from scratch. For a small fee, our bespoke service makes getting exactly what you want a cinch.

Achieve Unrestricted Team Growth

Overcome time constraints by delegating project fulfillment responsibilities to employees. This will increase your agency output and income.

Customize Pages

Give your pages some original flare and set yourself apart from other agencies and Viddyoyze users. This will make your work stand out from the competition and make the decision to hire you a complete no-brainer!

Render Multiple Animations

At some point, you're going to need the capability to render lots of animations simultaneously as an agency. That's why we open up full rendering power of our animation engine when you get our agency subscription.

Customize Extra Elements

You will be able to customize images, fonts, colors, and more! You name it, you can change it. The amount of control you have with this subscription is unrivaled.

Create Unlimited Groups & Palettes

Clients will want consistent branding on their video assets. Save repetitive elements to your library- such as logos, color schemes, or animations- with our one-click templates. Then your team will enjoy easy access to them for future projects.

Choose From Multiple Audio Track Options

There will be times when you need to invoke a particular mood with a unique sound. Select the audio track that you desire from our Template Club to achieve the desired outcome.

Plus, we're also throwing in a few amazing bonuses to help you scale your business quickly!

free BONUS #1: Viddyoze University (£1500)
Get instant access to 13 of our premium training courses. Whether you're a pro or beginner you'll walk away with something useful!
Here are some of the things you will discover…

The secret to sales & list building

5 pre-recorded coaching sessions with us on building your business from scratch ($XXX Value)

The reverse sales method (exclusive to Viddyoze and Viddyoze users)

Advanced sales training from a world-class sales trainer ($5,000 Value)- yours free today!

How to sell your video service in 6 short steps and one low-pressure conversation

The Doug Glazy podcast - our most beloved Podcast from one of Viddyoze most successful members (delivers so much gold for those lucky enough to listen)

How much to charge... how to charge more... and how to make it a recurring payment!

Take Viddyoze and conquer social with video-specific social media training

The freelancer guide to building a magnetic social media profile

Professional copywriting training - aka - how to write persuasive messages and never be without money again

Don't think you've got what it takes to consult for mind-melting fees? Think again with this £30,000 elite consultation offer

How to find, close, and structure partner or reseller opportunities (word to the wise: this training + Viddyoze White Label could alter the course of your life...)

E-commerce and social media tips from the Dragons' Den (AKA the UK version of Shark Tank)

And much more...

free BONUS #2: Viddyoze Expert & Viddyoze Expert Pro (£750)

These 2 premium courses give you an 11-step strategy for finding and collaborating with affiliate partners.

You get a proven system that's been used to sell over 100,000 products with more than 100,000 customers on an email list.

Plus, you get to come behind the scenes and see how we launched a simple information product and sold over 2,500 copies in just 4 short days

If you've never sold a thing online before, or you've always fancied running an affiliate launch to generate a huge list and big payday in record time, Viddyoze Expert and Viddyoze Expert Pro are for you

free BONUS #3: Fade To Black (£750)

These Fade to Black & Fade to Black Lightspeed Edition

These premium courses are designed to give you the most in-demand skill on the planet.

All Joey Xoto asks for is 20 days of your time. In return, he promises to help you become "the Alfred Hitchcock of modern-day marketing". These are the most comprehensive video creation courses the world has ever seen.

If you've liked the videos you've seen on our pages, you're going to love this training.

Once you've completed it…

Your content videos will get more shares on Facebook. Your sales videos will have more conversions too. And your clients are going to love you for those results!

Fade to Black Lightspeed will get you thinking and acting like a pro videographer without breaking a sweat. It has 4 real-time, pro-video projects that are specifically designed to be used alongside your Fade to Black training.

By the time you’re done with each of these courses, you’ll have all the SKILLS and all the CONFIDENCE necessary to go out to shoot, edit, and publish almost ANY type of marketing video.

We're so confident that you will succeed that we're willing to let you try our Viddyoze Agency License risk-free


30 Day «Risk-Free Business» Money Back Guarantee

A Viddyoze Agency License Is The Ultimate Risk-Free Business. ACT NOW to lock in this special price and take 30 days to make sure that it's something you really want to commit to doing. If you change your mind for any reason, we'll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Hard to make it fairer than that!

Join Viddyoze Agency And Use Our White Label Service To Take Your Slice Of The $48 Billion Video Content Industry

Sell Viddyoze. Sell access to Viddyoze. Sell both! The choice is yours.

Regardless of what you choose to do, this is your golden ticket to cashing in on a true online goldrush

Sell Not just because it's such a well-loved product that can damn near sell itself. Not only because the very nature of the software creates a passive income that will pay you month after month after month.

It's also a steal because you're getting the finished product without having to deal with any of the major headaches.

There's no need for market research, there's no development, maintenance, or support costs. No need to raise hundreds of thousands in capital to bring this amazing product to market.

Instead, you get to enjoy selling a proven service that already has 5 years of consistent SALES GROWTH. Keeping 100% of the profits for yourself is the proverbial icing on the cake.

You Don't Need A Large Upfront Investment

And you won't be paying our regular monthly payment of $997 per month either. We want to make your decision to upgrade a no-brainer.

So, you're only paying $297/month with zero obligations

And you've got a 30-day, risk-free, money-back period to get up and running. Plus, you're getting our awesome Free Bonuses to help you scale successfully…

Viddyoze University (£1,500)

Viddyoze Expert & Viddyoze Expert Pro (£750)

Fade To Black (£750)

Putting these valuable resources to use, along with your Agency License, has the very real potential to help you make hundreds of thousands of dollars!

This is a huge opportunity, and you won't see it again if you leave this page without joining.

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Here's what you're getting: Includes everything from being a Template Club member, PLUS...

Get Early Adopter White Label Rights Included (Coming Winter 2020)
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Get Free Enrolment to Viddyoze University (Save $2000)
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Bespoke Animation Service
Palettes & Groups
Custom Pages

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