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Dear new Viddyoze user,

Congratulations on your purchase of Viddyoze.

Whether you’re planning on making videos for yourself or for your clients, they’re going to be some of the best-looking videos on the planet.

But before you rush off to start capturing endless attention in your marketplace...


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Sometimes getting ahead in business is a struggle, and sometimes it’s as easy as being in the right place at the right time.

When that happens, all you can do is hope to BE THERE ready to take advantage.

You currently have access to the world’s best video animation platform.

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When it comes to impressing your audience and dazzling your clients, the templates you have now are some of the most advanced templates you can get.

Especially the live action videos templates—remember— Viddyoze is the ONLY place you can get them, anywhere!

But that’s today.

You know as well as anyone…

Businesses Change... Brands Change... And Most Of All Technologies Change

What was hip-to-the-beat in 2017, is in need of a hip-replacement in 2018, and by 2019 it’s going to be getting around in wheelchair.

This means you need a constant source of variety if you want to get ahead and keep your business preforming at the top of its game

If you’re relying on what used to work, you become yesterday’s news... and at Viddyoze, we work hard to keep you ahead of the curve.

By constantly innovating new technologies and producing new cutting edge templates we make sure our users always stay at the forefront of design.

That’s how our live action templates were born.

But constant innovation doesn’t come cheap…


And That’s Why We Created

Viddyoze Template Club

This secret template club is like an elite drive-through for photographers, videographers, video-marketers, animators, and anyone who needs instant access to a constantly varied selection of studio-grade animations

This is for business people who always manage to stay ahead of the curve

They understand that being part of a club like this can (and does) save them thousands of dollars every month.

So what’s it all about?

It’s an unfair advantage. It’s a smart investment. It’s a way to future-proof your business.

And it’s for people who like benefits with no strings attached.

Certainly, you can join and then cancel at any time.

And if you cancel during your first 30 days you’ll never risk a penny.

Plus, you get to keep any and all of the hundreds of renders you can make during your first 30 -days.

The risk is entirely on us.


But more than anything,

Viddyoze Template Club is a Loyalty Club

Which means if you do decide to stay on as a member (...and fair warning: most people do as they are blown away), then your loyalty will be rewarded with these special Viddyoze Template Club memberonly benefits that include:


1200+ Viddyoze Template Club Member Templates

As well as the standard Viddyoze selection, Viddyoze Template Club members have access to our full collection of premium templates. There’s over 700 EXCLUSIVE templates here, and for as long as you’re a member, you’ll be able to use the whole collection. Whatever style you need, you will find a template here to make your video sing.


15 New Members Only Templates Added Every Month

Viddyoze Template Club members stay ahead of the curve with constant stream of templates and live action animations that keep your videos fresh and your business, brand and technology current. Your videos will ALWAYS be on the cutting edge.


Unlimited Renders

Endless choices means unlimited opportunity — and as a Viddyoze Template Club member we want you to be able to seize on each and every opportunity that comes your way with zero restrictions. That’s why there’s no limit on the amount of renders you can run for any of the premium templates. It doesn’t matter if you need one animation or one hundred – there’s no caps, and there never will be.

Let’s Get Real For A Second…

If you’re going to be successful, your business needs to be able to grow and change quickly, and Viddyoze Template Club gives you the kind of unrestricted flexibility most businesses lack


You’ll have privileged access to innovative new templates, designed by real designers, shot with real models, performed by real actors, and handpicked by professional marketers to perform 100% of the time.


Plus, it’s not just about exclusivity (although that’s nice!) it’s about variety.


This invitation gives you the keys to the castle of endless resources.


It lets you operate (and dominate) in many more niches.


It lets you instantly double, triple (even quadruple) what you can offer your clients in terms of animations.


Which means, as a Viddyoze Template Club member you’re never caught lacking.


You’ll always be one step ahead of your competition.


And you’ll also be making massive savings in both time and money.

“Getting Noticed Is 99% Of The Battle”

– Said No Viddyoze Template Club Member Ever

Because these Viddyoze Template Club templates practically jump out of the screen and nail your prospect’s jaw to the floor.

Viddyoze Gets You Ahead. The Viddyoze Template Club Keeps You There.

We innovate. You profit.

Viddyoze Template Club is constantly reinventing itself to provide you with stunning templates to make your videos POP, GRAB and CONVERT

So, what’s the catch?

There is none, except we limit the amount of members who receive access to this special deal.

It’s the only way to keep our members classy and protect our most sought after designs.

The truth is, we’d be 2000% justified in charging 3 times as much for access to Viddyoze Template Club as we currently do, because at $97 we’d still be teeming with happy members.

Choose the monthly option of $37 which is a steal and gives you access to EVERYTHING in Viddyoze Template Club has to offer.


The entire back catalogue of over 700 Viddyoze Template Club member designs

Every exclusive Viddyoze Template Club members only live action template

Unlimited renders of every Viddyoze template past, present and future

Plus, 15 brand new Viddyoze Template Club members only each month

Secure Your Access To The Viddyoze Template Club NOW!


Awesomeness Is One Click Away...Here’s What’s Waiting For You On the Other Side As An Exclusive Member:

Unique Template Club Intros & Logo Stings
Exclusive Viddyoze Template Club Member Only Social Actions
One-Off Transitions
Invite Only CTAs
PLUS - Viddyoze Template Club Member ONLY Live Action Templates

Plus, Get 30 FREE Templates Valued At $497 Just For Signing Up Today!

Become a member today and you’re getting:

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Viddyoze Already Puts You Head-And-Shoulders Above Your Competition

But becoming a Viddyoze Template Club member makes it easier than you can imagine to stay ahead of the curve and stun your competition and your clients, alike.

Maybe, it’s plain, old-fashioned good luck that you invested in Viddyoze while access to Viddyoze Template Club is open.

Maybe it’s fate.

One thing’s for sure though:


You’re in the right place at the right time to take advantage of this unique opportunity... to get the kind of variety, and on-going innovation into your marketing that most freelancers can only ever dream of let alone access.

Remember - you are under no-obligation to stay a member. You can cancel at any time.

And if you choose to try out life as a Viddyoze Template Club member today, you get a full 30 days to see if you like it.

If you don’t we’ll refund you every last penny.

So, it’s 100% risk free


Here’s A Quick Reminder Of What You Get By Accepting Our Invitation Today

15 exclusive Viddyoze Template Club member only templates for $37 / month

Unlimited access to the complete Viddyoze Template Club back catalogue since 2015!

FREE - 30 of our best top tier templates, valued at $497, yours to keep just for signing up today

Unlimited renders of everything - priceless

We know, it’s ridiculous value that feels like highway robbery. We could easily ask for $97 a month and much more, but today you can receive access for $37/month.


Sometimes Business Really Is As Easy As Being In The Exact Right Place At The Exact Right Time

That’s what’s happening right here, right now.

Your choice is whether to seize this opportunity and keep your business on the bleeding edge with the very best videos, and over 700 of the most advanced animations and live action animations money can buy.

At less than $0.12c per template the choice is about as simple as it can get

Especially when you have a 30 -day risk free period to check out life as a Viddyoze Template Club member.


The bigger risk is not check it out, and never find out what you’re missing.

Then regret it when you suddenly realize you need new templates, new branding, and fresh state-of-the-art designs.

Becoming a member is as simple as clicking the membership button below.

Do that and we’ll automatically set up your Viddyoze account to give you access to all of your exclusive content.

You need do nothing more than click below.

Welcome to Viddyoze Template Club


PS: Sometimes these decisions are hard: the promise of a huge, creative library of some of the world’s best, most exclusive templates…all unlimited, and all ready to take your business to the next level today, and long, long into the future, could easily sound too good to be true

So here are a few words from our current members:

"Being a part of the Template Club is a HUGE asset..."

"It’s easy to use. Saves me time & money and is continuously refreshing itself!"

"I love it! I’m using it all the time and keeps my videos fresh"

"You get hundreds of extra templates to use, more added all the time"

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