20 Essential Social Media Statistics You Need To Know

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We use it to talk to friends and family. We use it to buy things we need and sell things we don’t. We use it for news, education and entertainment.

We use it to shout at brands when they’ve let us down, or to call bullshit when some quasi-famous person does something we don’t like. Dating? Making new friends? Yup, we use it for those too.

When you really think about it, we use social media a lot. Some of it is for good, and some of it not so good (as our co-founders have discussed).

As a business though, social media’s potential is pretty much limitless – if you can harness it properly, that is.

Here are 20 mind-blowing social media statistics that show you just how powerful it can be for your brand.


1. Over 4 billion people use social media around the world

That’s almost half the world’s population. By 2025, it’s predicted to rise to 4.41 billion. Crazy numbers indeed.

So, where can you find all these potential customers? They’re mostly hanging out on these five major platforms (ranked by active users): Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Source: Statista

2. 2 hours 24 minutes: the average time your typical user spends on social media every day

That’s roughly one day a week spent exclusively on social media. Think about that – one whole day. We don’t need to labor the point on this social media statistic.

Right now, people are more engaged than they’ve ever been. So get involved… now.

Source: Digital Marketing

Over 2.3 billion people log on and use Facebook every month

3. 68% of adults in the US are Facebook users

Over 2.3 billion people log on and use Facebook every month. In short, the platform’s reach is phenomenal. For businesses, it’s a readymade network of potential sales – you can’t afford not to be on Facebook.

Source: Oberlo

4. 1.2 billion: the number of monthly active users TikTok is expected to reach in 2021

TikTok’s numbers are staggering. This year, the video app is predicted to join the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in the billion-user category. If it does, it will have done so faster than any of those well-established platforms. That’s big news.

Now is the time to capitalize on TikTok for your business.

Source: Tech Crunch

5. 18% of marketers in North America are using Facebook Groups

Woman looking at Facebook on her smartphone

Think of Facebook Groups as a super-focused, highly engaged audience – an exclusive space for your biggest fans. What it allows is for you to laser in on your most loyal followers, grow engagement and, most importantly, get to know your customers better.

So, if you want to know more about your users, start a Facebook Group. We’ve got one and find it super useful (as does our community). New members are always welcome!

Source: HubSpot


6. 88% of marketers are happy with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social

Social media is a very noisy place. Luckily, video cuts through that noise, as this social media statistic shows.

Sales, brand awareness, engagement… no matter what your KPI, video content is usually the best way to get after it.

Source: Oberlo

7. 50% of consumers prefer video content on social media

That means half of your followers want to see regular videos from you.

Just remember to make sure it’s useful. Some 45% of consumers will unfollow a brand if they feel their content is irrelevant.

Source: Sprout Social

8. 83% of consumers go to YouTube for their video content

It won’t come as a shock that the overwhelming majority of consumers head to YouTube for their video content (what’s that you say, do you have a channel? Of course we do).

It’s a huge opportunity for brands to get in front of new buyers particularly if you act on this next social media statistic…

Source: HubSpot

9. 70% of YouTube viewers watch videos to “help [them] with a problem”

When the world has a problem, it goes to YouTube to find the solution.

Could your product or service be that solution?

The answer is yes – with a bit of creativity and some digital-savvy. Just think, what problems can you solve, and how can you make your content – part of the solution – discoverable?

Source: Think With Google

10. Video posts on Instagram get double the engagement

Woman holding smartphone looking at Instagram

That’s compared with other types of posts, such as single photos, gifs etc.

The takeaway? Make videos for Instagram. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the platform to assist.

Source: Search Engine Journal


11. 54% of users rely on social media to research products

If there was ever a social media statistic to show the marketing power of social media, it’s this one.

Not only are people super engaged, over half of them are actively seeking out product information. Make it easier for them.

Source: GlobalWebIndex

12. 27.6%: the increase in social media ad spend

Over the last year, Facebook ad spend has rocketed by almost 30%.

Why? With the world forced online, revenue was redirected to digital channels – talk about a good investment – and it’s a theme many experts expect to continue into this year.

Check out our paid ad series for more insight.

Source: Social Bakers

13. 1.3 million new people join social media every day

That’s 15 people a second. That’s a lot of people – and a lot of potential new customers for your business, too.

Source: Hootsuite

14. 89% of people will buy from the brand after following them on social media

Earning followers is not easy, but as this social media statistic shows, it really is worth it. What’s more, a further 85% will recommend your brand to a friend. Good content works.

Source: Sprout Social

15. 63% of marketers say that video generates the best ROI on social media

Social media and video go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Fact*.

*Not actually a fact.

Source: Animoto


16.  57% of consumers follow a brand to learn about new products or services

Meanwhile, 47% follow a brand to stay up to date on the latest news about your company. Key takeaway: when you do something new, shout about it.

Source: Sprout Social

17. 71% of consumers who’ve had a positive experience with a brand on social are likely to recommend that brand to a friend

Good vibes only. Be nice and you’ll reap the rewards on social.

Source: Sprout Social

18. Most consumers prefer live video

Facebook posts containing live video outperform the next most-engaged type of post (images) by more than double.

LinkedIn, meanwhile, revealed that posts with live videos get 24 times more comments than the average.

Source: Smart Insights

19.  76% of American consumers bought a product after seeing a brand’s social post

Just think of social as your new shop front, the digital high street.

Source: Curalate

20. 51% of UK/US consumers use YouTube to find products to buy

Man watching YouTube video on laptop

YouTube is constantly making it easier for creators to sell their stuff to viewers – and these features are only likely to improve.

The focus on ecommerce and shopping is a big part of YouTube’s future. Make sure you’re a part of it.

Source: GlobalWebIndex

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