How Do I Create Great Videos For Social Media?

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Social media has become an extremely important marketing space for brands in the 21st century – with video leading the charge on pretty much every social network. The real upside to video isn’t just one-and-done – it’s how it scales with repetition, exposing viewers to your brand all over again. That being said, it’s important to know what you should be doing to create better social media videos.


  • Video is the most popular type of media on social platforms because people simply prefer it to text or static images
  • Videos are more effective at capturing attention, communicating your message, and increasing conversions
  • Try to keep your social media videos to under 2 minutes, as engagement begins to slide after that (there are, of course, exceptions)
  • Add captions as most people watch with the sound off and rely on captions to draw them into the story and help them follow along
  • Viewers want value on social media. They expect it. If you don’t deliver value on social media, you will lose audience trust and engagement
  • Find new ways to communicate with your audience that will truly connect on a deeper level
  • Using video animations in your social media posts – it’s a great way to stand out (there are 100s of ready-to-use templates on Viddyoze)

Why Is Video Important On Social Media?

Video is the most popular type of media on social platforms because people simply prefer video to text or static images. So much so that Instagram’s boss, Adam Mosseri, recently announced: “We’re no longer a photo-sharing app.”

He explained that over the next 6 months, the app will move even faster towards “full screen, immersive, entertaining, mobile-first video”.

“It’s just the way things are going,” says Maiyah Kenz-Davies, Digital Content Creator at Viddyoze. “Just look at TikTok videos and Instagram Reels – they’ve grown massively in recent years. They’re what people spend most of their time watching.”

Videos generate more shares and likes than both text and image content combined

Why? Well, videos are more effective at capturing attention, communicating messages, and increasing conversions. And video is captivating whether watched on a laptop at home or a smartphone on the move – with sound on or off.

Not only are videos attention-grabbing, but they’re also easy to share. In fact, videos generate more shares and likes than both text and image content combined.

If you’re new to video don’t worry. Creating social video is easier, cheaper and less time-consuming to produce than ever before. Here we’ll show you how to create posts that people actually want to watch.

The Basics Of Video On Social Media

Like most people, you probably consume more social video than you produce. If you want to change that, you need to know that creating video is easier than it sounds.

According to Twitter, 93% of video views happen on mobile. You should consider adding captions as most people watch with the sound off. They also rely on captions to draw them into the story and help them follow along.

“Videos are a great way to get your message across very quickly,” says Maiyah. “For example, if you’re launching a new product line or visiting your suppliers, go on Instagram Stories and let your followers know in seconds.”

Make sure to keep your videos under 2 minutes, since viewers tend to stop watching after that. The longer the video, the less likely your audience will continue to watch it.

The exception is if your video is more than 6 minutes long. It appears that if people make it past the first 6 minutes, they’re likely to finish viewing the rest of your video.

Social media videos must include engaging visuals, such as animations, to keep viewers engaged – and focused on the message itself – and clear call-to-actions so viewers know what to do next.

How To Add Value For Your Audience On Social Media

Social media has, for a reasonable amount of time, been a great place for businesses to market their products or services. But, in truth, most marketers are having trouble getting good results. This is because they’re simply not giving their audience what they want.

Think about it. Your audience is on social media, but why aren’t they watching your videos? Or if they are watching your videos, why aren’t they making comments or clicking on your links?

People want to be served value on social media. They expect it. Actually, they demand it. If you don’t deliver value on social media, you’ll lose audience trust and engagement. This will harm your brand and inhibit your ability to grow your social footprint.

Add dynamic typography that elevates the points you make

“Remember, there are different types of value,” explains Maiyah. “Are you showing viewers how to use your product, or are you teaching them a new skill? Making people laugh has value and will keep viewers coming back for more.”

“Add dynamic typography that elevates the points you make, allowing your viewers to really absorb the key bits of information,” says Adam Shaw, Video Editor at Viddyoze. You can check out what Adam means in the example from our YouTube channel below.

How To Tell Compelling Stories

Persuasive storytelling is more than just telling people about your company, your products or your services. It’s about finding new ways of communicating with your audience that will allow you to truly connect with them on a deeper level.

The key to doing that, though, is to understand what stories resonate with them and why you should be telling them in the first place.

“I find that bringing my own personal experience works,” says Maiyah. “Rather than just listing information, think about how you can make it more relatable based on your own experience.”

“Interviews, tutorials and how- to’s are compelling formats,” adds Tom Ainscough, Video Editor at Viddyoze. “The key is to spend time looking at what creators and brands you love are doing and copy the styles and formats that you find interesting.”

In fact, 66% of people said they’d prefer to watch short videos to learn about a product or service. Here at Viddyoze, we experiment over many months to create more engaging content and you should too.

The teasers for our Just 3 Clicks Podcast, for example, have evolved over time. “In the past, we would simply share clips from the recorded podcast,” says Adam. “Now we use b-roll, animation and typography to make these more compelling and engaging – and it works!”

Tips For Each Social Media Platform

“Remember that each social media channel has its own formatting and aspect ratios,” says Maiyah. “Consider the tone of your video, too. They tend to be more humorous on Instagram, informative on YouTube and professional and educational on Linkedin.”

The same goes for your captions. And a general rule of thumb when it comes to captions is: the shorter the better.


Instagram is no longer strict about aspect ratios. When creating your own videos just remember to shoot vertically – they’re easier to view on a smartphone. Mix up your feed with stills and video – e.g. use Reels for more thoughtful videos and Stories to share what’s happening in the moment.


Last year, Facebook reported that Facebook Watch – a mix of user-generated and premium content – was receiving 1.25 billion visitors every month. Your video needs just enough engagement before users click away and go looking elsewhere – like their newsfeed! The best way? Start off strong by having an attention-grabbing intro with powerful images and text to hook your audience.


If you want to make better YouTube videos and get more views then you’ll want to check out The Ultimate YouTuber Checklist. Once you’ve decided your niche, make sure you have a visually compelling trailer. This is your elevator pitch – why people should subscribe to your channel and watch your playlists.


Identifying and adapting to trends is an important part of becoming a successful TikTok creator. ​​Your content must be high quality. That’s non-negotiable but if you really want to become a successful TikTok influencer, you’ll need to post very regularly too.


LinkedIn’s own studies have discovered that most videos on their platform are less than 15 seconds in length. And, more specifically, this is due to viewer retention waning after only 10 seconds!

So when making your Linkedin video, think of creative ways of getting your message across quickly and easily so you don’t lose potential followers right away. Short GIFs such as quote cards work better than short videos. Human interest stories also tend to perform well too.

How To Use Animations In Your Social Media Videos

Using animations in your social media videos is a great way to increase the quality and effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns. If you create social media videos, you probably know how important it is to incorporate emotive elements, such as slogans, colors and GIF animations.

Whether you’re creating tutorials, product demonstrations, or interviews with industry experts, you might be tempted to include animations in your social media videos. They can help simplify explanations, improve the quality of your videos, and entertain viewers.

One simple way to use animations in your videos is for transitions. Check out how in our explainer video below.



1. Why is video best for social media?

Video is quickly taking over social platforms like Instagram because they’re a quicker and more engaging way of getting your message across. They also give you the freedom to tell better stories and provide more information to your audience.

2. Do videos perform better on social media?

People are spending most of their time on social media watching videos. In fact, videos get 12 times more shares than text and images combined. Videos perform better than other posts across almost every social media platform and for key metrics like engagement.

3. How do you create engaging social media videos?

In order for social media videos to be engaging, you have to have an interesting concept or idea that will capture people’s attention within the first few seconds. Make sure you cut out any gaps between people talking and be sure to experiment with different styles such as handheld videos.

4. What social media platform is best for videos?

Most businesses think about using YouTube since it’s the most popular video-sharing platform. However, there are plenty of other platforms that deserve our attention today. Each platform has its own pros and cons, so before you decide on using a particular platform to share your videos, you have to ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish.

5. What makes a good social media video?

If you’re on social media, you’re probably aware that videos are really popular. It seems like everyone wants to post videos on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and pretty much everything else these days. Videos are profoundly engaging, so it makes sense why so many people want to create them. But while some brands create videos because it’s simply the “thing to do,” making videos actually requires a lot of thought and careful planning.

For more video marketing tips, check out these recent articles on our blog designed to help business owners and marketers make better videos in minutes.

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