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Welcome to season 5 of Just 3 Clicks! Same insight, same expertise – just in a bitesize form. Let us know what you think! In this episode, the founders of Viddyoze shine a spotlight on 3 digital tools that will help you scale and build your business.

With their successful background in business, Joey and David share stories about how they best utilized these tools and why they are so helpful for growth.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction (00:32)
  • Build a Web Presence (00:42)
  • Autoresponder (02:09)
  • Facebook page and an ad account (03:23)
  • Conclusion (05:09)


  • “When we talk about a convert, we mean when someone lands on your website, are they actually buying from you.” – Joey
  • “A lot of people probably don’t realize how powerful it is to actually collect your customer’s email addresses.” – Joey
  • “The first thing is going to be the ability to make your own web presence that you own.” – David
  • “It’s about building relationships. It’s about informing your customers, educating them, and that’s ultimately going to help your business bring forward.” – David

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