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If you’re thinking of setting up a side hustle, but don’t know where to start, this episode of Just 3 Clicks is for you. In it, Joey and David look at three opportunities that are ripe for the picking. And they’d know – Viddyoze began life as something of a side hustle.

And there’s never been a better time for it. Side hustles have, in recent years, gone from being a below the radar hobby to a full-blown pursuit, with plenty of savvy, ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals the world over earning a nice chunk of extra wedge on the side.

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Talking Points

  • New season, new format (01:23)
  • What is a side hustle? (02:00)
  • Trading with passion investments in the 21st century (05:42)
  • Selling your skills and knowledge (14:26)
  • Setting up an online store or marketplace (21:34)
  • Summary (28:18)
  • Conclusion (29:24)


  • “Side hustles do generate quite a bit of cash if you put some time and energy into it.” – Joey
  • “To put it into context, if you do this for the long term, some interesting numbers, 10,000% is by how much some first edition Pokémon cards have appreciated in value since they first emerged—10,000%. That’s pretty interesting.” – Joey
  • “If you go to Upwork, you’ve got more ability to sell yourself as an expert/consultant or strategist, whatever you want to call it.” – Joey
  • “For something quick, I would go to Fiverr. If I’m hiring somebody, go to Upwork.” – David
  • “It’s pretty much using your skills and knowledge to make money on the side. It can be done in many different ways. It’s not just selling it online.” – David
  • “Something we’re slow burning because it comes down to this is more of a business than a side hustle. She’s done markets and spends weekends going into markets. Things like that can build up over time.” – David

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