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Calling all founders, all chief executives, all bosses – do you feel like you’re spread too thin? Unable to dedicate time and effort for high priority tasks? Struggling to achieve a delicate balance across the board?

You need a chief of staff, someone who can come in and overhaul the way you work. Trust us, we speak from ‘experience’ – we’ve only recently hired one and in a short space of time, Ruth has been transformative. She joins Joey in this episode to talk about her position, why a chief of staff is so important, and her tips for other businesses looking to hire a chief of staff.

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Talking Points

  • Opening (01:00)
  • Ruth’s background and journey (01:31)
  • To improve communication and coordination (03:43)
  • To streamline the founder/CEO workflow (11:23)
  • To build trusting relationships within the team and with stakeholders (18:05)
  • Ruth’s key takeaways as Chief of Staff (25:15)
  • Last minute thoughts (28:25)
  • Conclusion (29:58)


  • “One of the things that we found with the engagement survey was that communication was really important.” – Joey
  • “I think it’s important to just find a way to always bring yourself back to why I actually started this thing in the first place and why I want to work for myself in the first place.” – Joey
  • “If they get certain sorts of information that they’re not sure about, it might just send them into a spin. So it’s making sure that you communicate effectively and clearly.” – Ruth
  • “For definite long-term, it’s making sure that you guys have a strategy, making sure you go towards that strategy, having a business plan, some governance as well, and structured governance.” – Ruth

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