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Welcome to “Just 3 Clicks”. This isn’t your typical business entrepreneur podcast. It’s just us, sharing our journey with you. We’ll share our heartbreaks, failures, successes, and struggles with you as we build up our own bootstrap businesses.

In this first episode, we talk about our journey up until now and who we are. What is Viddyoze and what is our story? What was the process behind starting Viddyoze? What is the process behind starting Viddyoze? What tools did we use when we started?

Talking Points

  • What is “Just 3 Clicks” about? (01:34)
  • Who is Jamie and what is Viddyoze? (02:05)
  • What is our background? How did we get together? (04:00)
  • The Warrior Forum (10:15)
  • The humble beginnings (12:20)
  • How Joey got his start in the field (16:31)
  • Jamie’s early start into the field (23:25)
  • How Jamie met David (29:00)
  • Making software and apps (31:15)
  • The importance of launches (36:00)
  • Viddyoze launch (39:00)


“If there’s anything you’ve learned from this initial episode, it’s that we just get into it and we perfect it as we go.” – Joey Xoto

“Anybody that started out in business, I think we all did the same; like I did it as well. When I started, I thought I needed business cards so I bought, like, a thousand business cards. But I literally, like, I probably gave out, like, three. People spend their money on things, they do it on things that you probably don’t need to do.” – Joey Xoto

“When you start out you’ve just got to figure out what is it that you want to get across to your prospect, what is it that they need..” – Joey Xoto

“Everybody has this thought that, I can’t build a business with a launch. I need to get away from launches. I need to build a business that builds itself. And 100% yes, but launches can have a significant impact and should be utilized throughout the entire lifecycle (in a lot of ways).” – Jamie Garside