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Find out what Joey and Jamie have to say about the future of Viddyoze, the ongoing impact of Covid-19 – and what it means for businesses going forward – and why investment is important to a business like Viddyoze (at this point in its journey).

And that’s not all. The co-founders also touch upon hiring talent, effective leadership, video marketing and product innovation.

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Talking Points

  • Covid-19 updates and how it has affected Viddyoze (01:45)
  • Old reviews and the upcoming launch of the latest Viddyoze (13:00)
  • Future lockdown and the future of Viddyoze (16:38)
  • The backstory on Klippyo and Blox (18:45)
  • Investments to take Viddyoze to the next level (24:10)
  • Strengths and the characteristics of a good leader (29:06)
  • The future of business as a result of Covid-19 (37:30)
  • Conclusion (42:20)


“One of the things we’re working on, in spite of this, in spite of the Covid thing, is our new version of Viddyoze. So we have got a bit of a battle plan, anyway, that we were going to kinda follow, I suppose.” – Joey Xoto

“I think with the Covid thing as well, we kinda have to be adaptable to what business needs are going to be as well.” – Joey Xoto

“Our speciality is executing stuff and making things happen.” – Joey Xoto

“We’ve got plans to take the technology to a more enterprise client.” – Jamie Garside

“I know lots of our team members have got amazing ideas and do amazing things right now of their own accord.” – Jamie Garside

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