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When does a startup stop being a startup? And does it matter? This is one of the key topics covered in today’s episode of Just 3 Clicks. Also discussed: how the founders are dealing with the challenges that come with growth and what kind of impact they think external investment will have on Viddyoze.

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Talking Points

  • Are we still a startup? (02:29)
  • When – or did we even decide to pivot? (10:24)
  • Growing and ownership (17:17)
  • Why investment and bringing in new people (24:00)
  • Relinquishing control of certain aspects of the business (36:25)
  • What do we not want happening to the company? (41:00)


“There was a time where I had three Xboxes in my house because I wanted one in my lounge, in the bedroom, in the game room. It’s excessive, basically. It’s an adjustment, and I don’t regret any of it. I think it was great, it was a good time.” – Joey Xoto

“Certain skills that we have in the business, we feel that we’re that good at it, that we need to do it. It’s not even an ego thing sometimes. Sometimes, it’s more a case of fear in that if I don’t do it, is it going to get done as good?” – Joey Xoto

“Culture is essentially derived from the people that are in the business and in the community that the business builds.” – Joey Xoto

“No one’s going to like the feeling of giving a part of your thing away. No one’s going to like it, but you just have to look at the upsides, like beat the people  that are coming into the business – they’ve got something we don’t have which is, number one, excess capital, and connections, experience in doing something we haven’t done.” – Joey Xoto

“Our mindset is always we are just starting out and that enables us to remain agile.” – David Chamberlain

“Where we are as a business, our revenue this year is somewhere like 280%. Now let’s say we’re on contract for $10 million in revenue.  If you just said to me five  years ago, $10 million in revenue, I don’t think I would’ve been able to potentially handle that because we were making not much profit.” – David Chamberlain

“I spend the money on experiences and on things, and that’s what I enjoy doing. You’ve got to reward yourself. You have to.” – David Chamberlain

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