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The future is digital. The pandemic has shown as much. What then does this mean for businesses and entrepreneurs, whatever stage of the journey they are at? That’s just one of the questions considered by Joey and Jamie in this episode of Just 3 Clicks. You’ll also hear about how a background in sales has helped Joey and Jamie grow Viddyoze alongside David, as well some fascinating insight into the impact good and effective copy can have.

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Talking Points

  • Jamie’s history and background (02:53)
  • Joey’s background and history (08:30)
  • From sales to digital (10:12)
  • Why did we go online? (16:17)
  • Middlemen and transitioning online (24:36)
  • Early blogs and websites (28:05)
  • Adapting to COVID (31:00)
  • Expert: our digital course (37:00)
  • Capitalizing on our bizarre world (42:37)
  • Wrapping up (45:10)


“In 2020, Covid’s basically turned the entire world upside-down. I think what’s been highlighted with this pandemic is how much of an important role technology has played in our lives, especially now.” – Joey Xoto

“Now (even without COVID) everybody was moving digitally anyway, COVID probably just sped up a lot of people’s thinking towards, ‘I need to do something online.’” Jaime Garside

“I think with what’s happening right now, there have to be more middlemen businesses because there’s going to be a lot of people who don’t know how to translate online.” – Joey Xoto

“If you’re an entrepreneur—not even if you’re a business—how do you approach this now? How we did this 10 years ago is probably a bit different because we weren’t thinking about that.” – Joey Xoto

“One thing I’ve always thought is, when you’re coming online for the first time and starting something brand new, online is a commitment and you need to continue to do it.” – Jaime Garside

“You can sometimes consume yourself with that much information about what you should and shouldn’t do, that you just paralyze yourself into basically getting started. I think information paralysis—I don’t know if that’s even a thing—I know sometimes you can spend too much time researching something before actually doing it, and I think sometimes you just need to do it and fail as you’re doing it really and pick it up as you go along.” – Jaime Garside

“Sometimes, the smallest things are generally the ones that actually stick and what people need the most are the really simple solutions.” – Joey Xoto

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