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What does it mean to be a leader, a manager or even a boss? Are they even the same thing? And should you ever call yourself a leader? All of this and more – from another UK national lockdown to the recent US election – is discussed in what is another thought-provoking episode of Just 3 Clicks with co-founders Joey and David.

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Talking Points

  • “What kind of leader are you?” Quiz (04:20)
  • Different types of leaders and what makes a leader (13:42)
  • Good characteristics of a leader (20:03)
  • The difference between a leader and a manager (24:35)
  • Logical decisions versus humane decisions (28:30)
  • Are we leaders, managers, both or other? (31:30)
  • What do you do to become a leader? (39:40)
  • Last minute thoughts on leadership (45:05)
  • Conclusion (47:25)


“That’s a very strong interlink between the ego adamant of our psychology and people that want to be that leader. There’s a difference between people that want to be a leader and the people that actually do it because I never started a business to say I want to be a leader.” – Joey Xoto

“You should come to work because you love being there. We’re trying to create an environment where people want to come in.” – Joey Xoto

“Me, you [David] and Jamie all have an anxious mind. Over the vast majority of the time, our focus has always been how do we do the next thing.” – Joey Xoto

“It was just sheer f***ing willpower and determination. It was like, this is what we got to do and that’s it. No books taught us how to do that. It’s just your mentality and your passion for it.” – Joey Xoto

“I think I would always want to think about what we were doing was right. You discovered maybe it was wrong, and then you would go down the learned road after that.” – David Chamberlain

“If I’m trying to manage somebody, then I’d rather them do what they were capable of and what they wanted to do. If that’s enough for me, I’m happy. If it’s not, then I’d add more structure.” – David Chamberlain

“For me, if I had to define what leadership was, it would be an awareness of how your actions impact everybody else and [your] understanding that everybody’s different. Some people need an arm around their shoulder, some people need a kick up the ass. That for me is what being a good leader is.” – David Chamberlain

“I think stubbornness can be negative. Accepting that you can be wrong and being prepared. Not to apologize but being prepared to move forward without falling out with somebody.” – David Chamberlain

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