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Two or so days following the launch of the latest version of Viddyoze, with plenty to still do, Joey and David have managed to find time to record this episode of Just 3 Clicks. On the agenda – the most recent launch (smoother than previous ones), past launches (some absolute nightmare moments) and a discussion about narcissism (courtesy of a comment made on a LinkedIn post in relation to a documentary telling the Viddyoze story). In short, plenty!

Talking Points

  • Post-launch anxieties and stories from the first launch (03:10)
  • Painful new experiences (18:00)
  • What we’ve done well this time (21:44)
  • What’s next? (23:47)
  • “The Story of Viddyoze” (25:30)
  • Advice for new startups (33:10)
  • Closing (36:30)


“It’s the biggest update that we’ve done to the software. It looks completely cool. It’s different. It’s got new features. And, from the feedback we’ve had so far (what I’ve seen in the Facebook group and things), everyone seems to love it.” – Joey Xoto

“We always say the same things: ‘It’ll be smoother next time. This next time…’ But it’s never perfect. It never is …” – Joey Xoto

“They may not even think about that. They are just thinking about how they can make it more efficient for the customer. Whereas my side is like, ‘We need to drive more customers,’ basically. And it’s a balance, isn’t it?” – Joey Xoto

“We’ve literally taken a product from inception. We’ve built it, marketed it, and supported it.” – David Chamberlain

“We came from pretty normal backgrounds. No entrepreneurial people in my family. We’ve kind of fallen forward all the way. We’ve just worked out what works and what doesn’t.” – David Chamberlain

“At the end of the day, we want people to buy into the product and the company. We want people to want to track our progress and come on the journey with us.” – David Chamberlain

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