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Jamie has been a little busy over the past few weeks, but he’s finally back in the studio to chat with Joey about the importance of good and effective copy.

The co-founders also talk about how good copywriters can make or break a business – and are key to conversions – how good copywriting has inspired Jamie to look into investing in art and some key takeaways from the most recent Viddyoze launch. 

Talking Points

  • Jamie’s thoughts on the launch of Viddyoze (2:10)
  • Why really good copywriters are key to success (12:00)
  • Different types of copy (13:45)
  • Copywriting and investing in art (20:00)
  • The importance of words and well-written content (29:44)


  • “Now, we have more of a base to build off of and innovate even further than we’ve done now.”  – Jamie Garside
  • “Template Club Plus came about because we had a bigger subscription, which was Agency, which again is a few hundred a month. That subscription allows things like multi-rendering so you can use a template, go and create, and then go and create another without waiting which is what everyone else does. Template Club Plus has that feature in it.” – Jamie Garside
  • “I’d say that is the best training you could have on writing an email copy.” – Jamie Garside
  • “Of course, you can’t go start plagiarizing stuff, taking things, and saying that they’ve used your service, but if you’re selling something and you know somebody out there who is well-known or has done something incredible in the same industry, then it’s referencing it as long as you put where you’re referencing that from.” -Jamie Garside

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