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Today, Joey and David are talking about decisions, from making them and delegating them to others to who and what these decisions impact.  They also cover burnout and the Queen (not related), take a quick look back at 2020 – and a peek into 2021 – and, perhaps best of all, spend some time trying to solve what seems to be a simple mathematical puzzle.

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Talking Points

  • From cutlery to burnout (00:57)
  • Zoom investment meetings versus in-person communication (04:25)
  • Decision making (07:45)
  • Micro-level decision making (18:40)
  • The ball and the bat (22:15)
  • The decision-making process for entrepreneurs (28:13)
  • Two different thought systems (35:00)
  • Transferring the decision-making process (38:00)
  • Closing thoughts (40:45)


“It’s the same information that we’re giving to every investor. It’s quite numbing in a way. It’s like your energy levels are just going like that through the day. You’ve just got to keep being as enthusiastic as you can.” – Joey Xoto

“The point is sometimes, there is no good outcome.” – Joey Xoto

“We often try and make the best choice, the best decision first, just so that we can avoid the most disastrous outcome, is actually linked straight to anxiety.” – Joey Xoto

“You’ve got to think about other people and how they would react to certain decisions we make.” – David Chamberlain

“As the business has got bigger and we’ve got more people around us, I think I take great care in any decision we make because it’s not going to impact us. It’s going to impact all our stuff and it’s going to impact our customers, too.” – David Chamberlain

“As a person, you’ve got to change. Sometimes you can’t change, and you’ve actually got to do something you don’t agree with. It’s very, very difficult as an entrepreneur, I would say.” – David Chamberlain

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