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In today’s episode, the first of 2021 – and part one of two – Joey and David reflect on one of the most disruptive years in recent history form a personal and professional perspective.

From no longer being able to get away and switch off to feel tired, it’s not been easy. But there have been positives, too, such as Viddyoze’s unbelievable success and growth. We certainly won’t be forgetting 2020 for a long time.

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Talking Points

  • Lack of freedom and the need for relaxation (02:32)
  • Success at a young age and progressing (06:50)
  • Generational differences and adaptation (09:13)
  • Experiencing new things (17:03)
  • Coming into 2021: politics and freedom of speech (20:00)
  • How our daily lives have changed and what this means for the future (27:10)
  • Success as a business-owner (30:40)
  • Money management and focusing a big picture (35:12)
  • The takeaway from 2020 (45:00)
  • Reviews and conclusion (51:10)


“People like to create the perfect circumstances to do something but when the perfect circumstances are there, they give you a reason for why it’s not perfect. It happens all the time.” – Joey Xoto

“Google [a privately-owned] corporation can decide what we see and that’s not me being a conspiracy theorist, it’s factual information.” – Joey Xoto

“I think that’s a good skill to learn. Because if you’ve got a million quid up front without ever knowing how to manage it (how to handle your purchasing or curb your behavior), you’d probably just blow it all.” – Joey Xoto

“Everything is so unpredictable right now. Just trying to stay focused on where you are now, is probably the best thing for you at the moment.” – Joey Xoto

“I’m in a position where I’m just trying to carry on with my life. I’ve got a family. I’ve got the business. But there’s this big part of my life where I can’t do what I want to do.” – David Chamberlain

“Because we’ve grown up with [the internet], because we know how to use it, it makes us more adaptable.” – David Chamberlain

“I don’t have many strong opinions on [American politics], mainly because I can’t control what’s going on.” – David Chamberlain

“What’s the easiest way to get people to do things? To get them into a state of panic.” – David Chamberlain

“In the last year, the world’s become much more of a divided place.” – David Chamberlain

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