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What do you think will happen in 2021? Are you seeing shades of 1984 in this post-pandemic world? What role did social media play in the election and on the spread of information? What are your goals for this year.

In this wide-ranging episode, Joey and Jamie cover it all.

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Talking Points

  • On the THIRD lockdown (01:40)
  • Post-pandemic and the future of technology (08:45)
  • Joe Rogan and content creators (15:00)
  • Daily structure and working a 9 – 5 (17:20)
  • The growth of the business for 2021 (20:10)
  • Personal goals (25:50)
  • Trump and Biden (40:00)
  • Advice on how to tackle 2021 (46:20)
  • Conclusion (48:25)


“We have to look at things sometimes in a really top-down view such that, our generation, we’ve gone through a weird phase in our generation because we’ve gone from having literally very little technology to having basic internet, super-fast internet. Now we’re connected on a grid.” – Joey Xoto

“Right now, most companies are adopting working from home. Most companies are going to probably be in a situation where it’s like, if they find that they can actually just operate without having a building, that’s probably what they’re going to do.” – Joey Xoto

“At the start of lockdown, I felt so different and I was like, this is not going to faze me. I’m going to stay fit, nail business, still going to hit all my goals. I’m just not going to let it touch me. It’s just not realistic. It’s beat me down a little bit.” – Joey Xoto

“It’s hard when there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s hard when you’ve got to make a decision where both the outcomes are shit.” – Joey Xoto

“The downside to [working remotely] is, the collaborations almost, I wouldn’t say impossible, but it’s extremely hard to do if you’re all remote.” – Jamie Garside

“For some reason, I have this feeling that I just want to go to the pub with my mates, but I would never have done that before. That would be rare occurrences and it’s just because you can’t do it. It’s frustrating.” – Jamie Garside

“It’s easy to get glued to everything, all the screens as well. Evermore so now because of all the stuff that’s going on and the uncertainty.” – Jamie Garside

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