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How has technology helped your life? How has it made your life worse? These are just some of the topics that we’re covering in today’s fantastically rich and wide-ranging episode of Just 3 Clicks.

Join Joey and David as they talk about technology and the changing world; the role it plays with misinformation; why people seem so easily offended these days (especially online); and how technology is either a driving force for a better world or a far worse world … some might say a Brave New World?

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Talking Points:

  • Current events and adapting (01:05)
  • Social media technology (04:50)
  • Cancel culture and labeling due to technology (08:20)
  • The Gameshow and mob mentality (16:20)
  • Edward Snowden and freedom of speech (21:05)
  • Elon Musk and ever-evolving technology (23:00)
  • Different contexts and being offended so easily (26:40)
  • The world is changing so fast & Brave New World (29:50)
  • Technology as a driving force (39:45)
  • The power of propaganda and how technology makes it easier (44:00)
  • Wrapping up (46:50)
  • Conclusion (51:05)


“I think we’ve just got to be open to the idea that we just need to look at how we’re interacting with technology sometimes because it is a blessing, we’ve got so many benefits from it. We’re a technology company.” – Joey Xoto

“We shouldn’t be in a situation where we have to pre-think if what you’re saying is going to be offensive.” – Joey Xoto

“I think for me, my fear is that we become that numb to what’s happening, that we just basically fall into this complacency of, it is what it is, kind of thing. We just accept how things are going to be.” – Joey Xoto

“There’s a good side and a bad side to everything, I guess. I just hope that our existence isn’t pervaded by the advancement of technology. A lot of the way things are now is becoming pervasive.” – Joey Xoto

“People’s self-identity has been eroded away by technology but by the world being more open as well. I’m only 33 years old, but the world was so different when I was 7, 8, 9, and 10 than it is for the people who are that age now.” – David Chamberlain

“If you don’t belong to a minority, in some respects, you feel like you can’t speak. That’s how it is.” – David Chamberlain

“I think technology brings us together. You can connect with anybody in the world at any given time, but it drives us apart so much as well.” – David Chamberlain

“This talk of the rise of mental health and how we should all respect each other. But the witch hunts online are generally the people who talk about mental health and being kind to everybody.” – David Chamberlain

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