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The lockdown has made it difficult for Jamie to get in the studio so it’s David and Joey on the podcast again. We’re talking about the growth of our business and how Viddyoze is doing but we’re also talking about what success can do to your mental health. We’ve gone through some ups-and-downs over the past couple years and it’s really taught us a few things about what success means to us, what we want from ourselves, what money can do to a person, and about our relationships with recognition and money.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction (01:10)
  • The parabolic growth of our product (02:05)
  • Our projections for Viddyoze (03:30)
  • How money can affect you (04:40)
  • Recognition (08:00)
  • Learning curves and making adjustments to our spending (13:00)
  • Being under the precipice of something really big (19:15)
  • How do you measure your success? (23:20)
  • Does our background affect how we view success? (27:30)
  • Understanding what makes me happy (29:20)
  • Biggest personality change since 2017 (33:18)
  • What we want to be doing (39:28)
  • The main takeaway (40:13)


“I just know that my relationship with money has been a big drive for me since I was a kid.” – David Chamberlain

“I remember getting into stage and just blowing my money on stupid things. Things I didn’t need, just wasting my money.” – David Chamberlain

“When you’re working your ass off to try and get somewhere, you’re like, I want to get to this stage, I’m going to buy this. I want to get to this stage, I’m going to do that. When you eventually feel like you’ve got there, you do all that stuff and then you think that’s it. I just felt I’m always going to grow my business..” – David Chamberlain

“When you do a million in a month, when you’re going $200,000, the growth is five times, the business grows faster than you and you can’t manage something that is growing faster than you.” – David Chamberlain

“You learn to tolerate things differently, too. We can pretty much agree on that. Our level of patience has probably diminished over time.” – Joey Xoto

“I think for me, I spent a lot of time working on my self-worth, self-love. Those two are really big things that I think most people probably don’t even think about.” – Joey Xoto

“I just don’t think that I was really looking after myself mentally at all. I was just riding this wave, going up and down, feeling really extremely anxious, and not really understanding why.” – Joey Xoto

“The main takeaway here is just being present and understanding where you’re at, not getting carried away with your successes, not being arrogant. Just keeping grounded, I suppose. Keep yourself grounded for the journey.” – Joey Xoto