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What a ride it’s been. In this episode of Just 3 Clicks, Joey and David take a look back at the last five years of Viddyoze, from the incredible highs, such as Viddyoze’s first million in sales in just 30 days, to the difficult lows (making bad hires being one of them).

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Talking Points:

  • 5 years at Viddyoze (01:00)
  • 2015: The first year (04:07)
  • 2016: Blood, sweat, and tears (13:25)
  • 2017: Hitting $1 million in sales (20:20)
  • 2018: Bringing in more staff, changing offices, NBA (26:46)
  • 2019: The calm before the storm (38:00)
  • 2020: COVID, Klippyo, and paid acquisitions (42:00)
  • The trajectory (44:30)
  • Conclusion (47:00)


“It’s an interesting time. September 29 is basically going to be our 5-year anniversary here at Viddyoze. There’s a lot of other big things going on.” – Joey Xoto

“The NBA thing could have just been like an idea, but I think that is kind of leading to the future of what we’re going to be doing in quite a big way.” – Joey Xoto

“I think we are saying we just need to go backward and simplify everything. We were trying so much stuff. We’re trying a lot of stuff now, but I just think we’re in a position to try stuff now because we’re in an incredible cash position where we’re profitable every month right now.” – Joey Xoto

“We have that structure there, but I think we’ve still got the agility to do things the way we need to do it. We could still move quickly on things. Our thing is just making sure we maintain that agility as we grow, as we get more people.” – Joey Xoto

“In some respects, we’re responsible for driving that revenue into the business, and to get this business moving to where it needs to move to. If it needs to be other people who are accountable and responsible for that, again, we can focus on what’s a year, two years down the road.” – David Chamberlain

“It was a realization that we had a mainstream product that had mainstream appeal. The people enjoyed using the product. Until then, we had a lot of users, but this particular month, the user base probably doubled.” – David Chamberlain

“We’ve grown massively over the last probably six months. The landscape in the business is a lot different than it was prior to this.” – David Chamberlain

“This is part of another lesson really that what one day is amazing, the next day is normal. Going back to making $1 million a month, amazing. But now, if we did that, it’s very normal.” – David Chamberlain

“All these people we hired, we let them go. They pretty much desecrated the business taking a lot of time. We were the only people generating revenue.” – David Chamberlain