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Today’s special episode of Just 3 Clicks features Frame.io’s Shawn McDaniel, who is an Instructional Media Specialist at the video collaboration platform provider.  He joins Joey to discuss the company – which was recently acquired by Adobe – the platform – how it’s used, what it’s good for – and a little bit about how we’re planning on collaborating with one another.

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Talking Points

  • Shawn’s story at Frame.io (01:35)
  • How video is exploding as a medium (03:20)
  • How Frame.io works (05:03)
  • io current and future integrations (12:16)
  • Typical Frame.io customers (15:19)
  • io during the pandemic (16:14)
  • How Camera-to-Cloud works (18:50)
  • io and Viddyoze (23:56)
  • Working remotely (28:41)


  • “Just the number of problems we’ve managed to solve because of this tool is just phenomenal.” – Joey
  • “We couldn’t now work without something like Frame to help us with our process with the amount of content we create. I just got to say, amazing job really because it’s just such a fantastic tool.” – Joey
  • “I think that’s where Frame flourished a little bit because everybody’s working remotely, so they need tools like this to work together.” – Shawn
  • “Essentially, Frame.io, in essence, is a review and collaboration tool.” – Shawn
  • “With frame-accurate timestamps on Frame.io, it makes it a lot easier to collaborate.” – Shawn
  • “It’s a great collaborative tool. It kind of covers all those facets.” – Shawn
  • “We try to build our product to be very user-friendly and make it accessible to everyone. Your application is incredibly easy to use as well. I think you guys have a really great tool.” – Shawn

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