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Your landing page is spot-on, but the leads and sales aren’t coming in, right?

In the latest episode of our marketing podcast, we explore a common business mistake: targeting the wrong customer. 

It’s easily done – we’ve been there, done that, not sold the t-shirt. But the good news is that it’s easy to fix. Listen now to find out more, from the importance of creating avatars to how to create messaging that targets them.

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Talking Points

  • Welcome to the video (00:00)

  • Get the messaging right (01:38)

  • Focus on the who (03:28)


  • “We’re trying to discern or get the difference between who our customer currently is and who the ideal person is that we’re actually looking to sell our service to” – Joey
  • “If you’re trying to speak to loads of different people, then essentially you’re going to be doing yourself a disservice and also doing the people a disservice because you’re not giving them exactly what they’re looking for.” – Joey
  • “Conversion rates, average order value, lifetime value, churn rates, all these things can be a factor of your product or it could be down to the type of customer that you’re acquiring.” – David

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