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Are you a bootstrapper? Has your business’ growth plateaued? Want some tips on how you can build your business from entrepreneurs who developed a single idea into a million-dollar business?

Well, then this episode is for you. Using examples and stories from the early stages of Viddyoze, Joey and David offer up three hacks that you and your company can use to supercharge your startup. Check it out now.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction on the topic (00:56)
  • Hack One: Leveraging the affiliate model (02:45)
  • Hack Two: Paid advertising (11:00)
  • Hack Three: Hiring and nurturing fresh new talent (19:41)
  • Conclusion (31:18)


  • “Thinking about your funnel, your pricing model, is really important if you’re going to do [an affiliate model].” – Joey
  • “In the space of 2015 to 2020, the term affiliate marketing increased by 200% in terms of search. And 60% is the percentage of online orders being generated by affiliate marketing alone.” – Joey
  • “If you want to start scaling ridiculously, paid advertising is pretty much the way to go.” – Joey
  • “There’s a lot of hidden skills in people. If you spend a little bit of time investigating and giving them opportunities, you’ll find it.” – Joey
  • “You’ve got to build a bit of a war chest and then take a bit of a risk.” – David
  • “[Paid advertising] is kind of like raising money. It’s pretty much exactly the same as raising it from an investor, but we raised it from our customer base. We raised it from people using the product.” – David

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