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Welcome to episode 24 of Just 3 Clicks – and the end of season three would you believe it?! With Jamie and David AWOL, Dan Stoner, senior cinematographer at Viddyoze, joins Joey in the podcast studio to shoot the breeze.

They go over everything from birthdays to weight loss and ‘Dan’s 100 Pop-Ups – with a surprising amount of time spent talking about coffee – but not quite in the way you might

Join Joey and Dan as they talk about changes in their weight, changes in their diets and changes in society.

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Talking Points

  • Returning to the gym and weight goals (02:20)
  • Birthdays (05:00)
  • Future plans for the podcast (05:50)
  • Caffeine and vices (07:40)
  • COVID, vaccine passports, and collecting data (13:00)
  • Weight journeys (19:00)
  • Hypnosis and subliminal messaging (23:56)
  • Eating and food (30:00)
  • Viddyoze over the past year and into the future (36:50)
  • Closing (46:00)


“I have got an opinion on the vaccine, but ultimately, as long as it’s our own choice, that’s the thing that matters to me. I don’t want to be forced. I don’t think anybody should be forced to take anything.” – Joey

“Language is such a powerful thing. There are loads of little things like that that get used in the media, advertising by really bad people who want to get us to think weird shit all the time.” – Joey

“It’s at a stage now where I think the growth is beyond me, David, and Jamie.” – Joey

“The result is like when did they end? Because we put ourselves through stuff where you gained weight and you feel like shit for six months. Then you cut for three months. Then you go through the whole process again. It’s like, what’s the end goal?” – Dan

“I used to be a vegan and a vegetarian. Not like Nindy. He says he’s vegetarian but eats fish. When you’re listening to this, Nindy, you’re not a vegetarian.” – Dan

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