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Welcome and get ready for what is one of the most wide-ranging episodes of Just 3 Clicks to date. Thoughts on paying higher taxes? Check. Thoughts on rewriting history? Check. Thoughts on that Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry? Check.

And that’s not all. In addition to talking about the new White Label side of Viddyoze, Joey and David take a deep dive into highly divisive topics including racism, sexism, discrimination and misinformation. There’s even talk about UFOs and the CIA. Even chocolate gets scrutinized. Trust us when we say this is one episode you do not want to miss.

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Talking Points

  • Jamie’s still alive (01:00)
  • Corporation Tax (02:57)
  • How the pandemic has affected the UK budget (12:19)
  • Meghan Markle and the monarchy (13:45)
  • COVID Roadmap (27:12)
  • Identifying with a group and discrimination (35:00)
  • White Label (46:45)
  • Wrapping up (53:00)
  • The destruction of history (55:17)
  • UFOs and the CIA (59:00)


“What I think is that if you don’t own a business, you don’t look at taxes the same way. I remember when I had a normal job or when somebody basically prepaid my tax.” – Joey Xoto

“This is the problem with the way the media works at the moment, has always worked. We’ve got two people who are supposedly able to come on to a very large platform like Oprah. She’s a platform. She’s not just the person. She’s literally a platform.” – Joey Xoto

“We get shown something and we don’t address the real issues. That whole thing was just a massive farce.” – Joey Xoto

“The definition of propaganda literally is to use medium to control people’s beliefs and to sway people’s belief systems. That’s what we do. That’s what social media does in the news and everything collectively now. It’s so insidious and how our belief systems have changed just like that.” – Joey Xoto

“Now we have to pay the tax but the emotional kind of the mental aspect of seeing 20%–40% of your available cash balance just going. It’s a bit jarring, sometimes.” – David Chamberlain

“We’re trying to find sexism; we’re trying to find racism. I know it all exists. I know it’s out there, but I think sometimes we go to places it doesn’t exist and we try to create it. I just think that is what is dangerous.” – David Chamberlain

“Essentially, to the end user, it’ll be pretty much the same as what we have right now, but to the person who buys a white label license, they’ll have more control in the back end and they can do more with the accounts.” – David Chamberlain

“I just believe that Viddyoze as a product is perfect for this kind of thing. We aren’t ever going to capture every single business in the world, but we can go and capture a thousand people who can go and sell to a thousand businesses each.” – David Chamberlain

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