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In this episode of Just 3 Clicks, Joey and Jamie tackle the c-word – and no, it’s not that word! Likewise, it’s not cancel culture – that controversial buzzword of late – nor is it churn (which is, a very important topic). The c-word we’re talking about stands for competition.

Is it a good thing? How does it shape what you do, in business and in everyday life? How does it color our view on everyday encounters with friends and colleagues? Listen now to find out Joey and Jamie’s take on competition, as well as intriguing (and related) detours that include a nerve-racking solo trek, the greatness of Maradona and basketball superstars.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction, “You don’t know if it’s a good episode or not.” (01:05)
  • Taking quizzes (08:00)
  • Are you a c-word (18:30)
  • The c-word in business (19:14)
  • The c-word in sports (28:15)
  • The c-word as a virtue (33:45)
  • Tips and Tricks (39:00)
  • On the topic of “copying” (41:00)
  • Last-minute tips (46:07)
  • Competition across industries, for global domination (47:37)
  • Conclusion (51:10)


“The thing is as well, [competition] elevated the product. It made us make the product 10 times better.” – Joey

“In business, you don’t have an option. You have to be competitive in business. Otherwise, you’ll lose. If you lose then you haven’t got the business.” – Joey

“Understand your industry’s competitive landscape—where do you fit in and how do all your competitors relate to one another. Don’t get too obsessed with what your competitors are doing, that’s a big one.” – Joey

“What have I just done? I’ve taken too many risks there. I could easily have slipped, fallen all the way down–There were sheep bones beside me from where sheep had fallen and there were just bones left!” – Jamie

“It made us innovate in a way that we weren’t thinking of innovating at the time. You can only see that now, I suppose. We couldn’t see it back then.” – Jamie

“[Celebrities] all looked at each other in goals. I need to do something like that.” – Jamie

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