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Can’t figure out why your web sales are in the gutter? We can help you with that.

In the latest episode of Just 3 Clicks, Joey Xoto delves into the world of web design and sales. Listen now and find out how you can turn your site into a conversion machine with one simple trick.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Too many options (00:32)
  • Create a bridge page (02:10)
  • Conclusion (03:36)


  • “The more options you give people on your website, the less things they are going to do.” – Joey
  • “If you have just one thing on your website that you’re selling, you dramatically increase the amount of sales you get because your customers don’t have any other options.” – Joey
  • “The way you get people onto a platform or website is by using one offer. So take a look at your website. But also take a look at your marketing and see, do you have multiple things that are distracting a user from taking the action you really want him to take? Or do you just have one thing that you’re selling.” – Joey

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