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Does your company have a vision, mission, and a set of values behind your purpose? In today’s episode, Joey and David discuss why it’s important for all businesses and organizations to get these down on paper (well, on your website), while offering tips on how to put them together.

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Talking Points

  • Initial thoughts on vision (01:00)
  • Why have a vision? (03:00)
  • Vision, mission, values (05:20)
  • Creating a strong vision (11:31)
  • How to create a mission statement (16:43)
  • How do values fit it? (26:41)
  • In summary (30:31)
  • Last minute thoughts: Maybe you’re not ready if… (32:07)


  • “It’s okay if you don’t know [your vision] on day one.” – Joey
  • “The best place to start … is with your vision.” – Joey
  • “If you had a mission statement, vision statement, et cetera, everyone could read that as part of their onboarding.” – David
  • “These are all good things to think, but there are things underneath that are the foundational elements of a business, which if they’re not there, it may not impact you in the first year or two or three, but eventually you’ll get to a stage where you think, we’ve got a pain and we can’t just fix it.” – David

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