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Welcome to season 4 of Just 3 Clicks. We’ve been away a short while, busy with work, busy with navigating our way around Covid-19 and busy interviewing for a brand-new role at Viddyoze: CEO.

It’s the latter that’s the focus of this episode, with Joey and David sharing their thoughts on a position that is much lauded, much misunderstood, and much desired. It’s good to be back.

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Talking Points

  • Welcome (00:55)
  • Hiring a new CEO (01:25)
  • “If you’re the founders, why do you need to hire a CEO?” (02:42)
  • The power in the role of a CEO (07:27)
  • What David and Joey are looking for in a CEO (17:55)
  • The impact on team members (26:20)
  • Candidates for the position (37:14)
  • Sexism in the industry and in society (45:19)
  • Research and Statistics about CEOs (56:43)
  • Conclusion (58:42)


  • “It’s not a prestigious thing to say that you’re a founder.” – Joey
  • “You just have to see where the opportunities are and where your strengths are.” – Joey
  • “Diversity covers (obviously) a lot of things, not just gender or race.” – Joey
  • “In about ten to fifteen years from now, we’ll probably see a lot more women in technology.” – Joey
  • “At the end of the day, the people who are generally complaining about [the lack of diversity in the workplace] aren’t the people who have to spend money on it.” – Joey
  • “The worst part is when you know you’re not being sexist, but you’re told you are anyway.” – Joey
  • “You don’t always have to have an extreme view.” – Joey
  • “We’re not defined by being the one who has the job title.” – David
  • “We have to think two different ways: as shareholders and as a management team.” – David
  • “When you’re getting dragged into a hundred different directions, it’s very easy just to keep doing what you’re good at.” – David
  • “I’m focused on, ‘Is this person going to do a good job?’ not ‘Is this going to make our board more diverse?’” – David
  • “What we do as a society is that we attack everyone now, instead of educating everyone now.” – David

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