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In today’s episode of Just 3 Clicks, Joey and Jamie take on one of the biggest subjects there is: knowledge. Is it the secret to success and power? What does it mean to be knowledgeable? What kind of knowledge is good? All of this is explored.

The chaps also go over some of their book recommendations, and chat about the importance of reading (and why It trumps wasting your time idly scrolling through social media).

Check it and now. As ever, if you like the episode, please share and review.

Talking Points

  • Learning new topics from books (02:00)
  • Analyzing data to make more money (08:00)
  • Trivia we should know (13:18)
  • Where does your expertise lie? (15:50)
  • Intelligence over time (22:00)
  • Knowledge is elastic (25:50)
  • Asking the right questions (33:40)
  • Where you get your knowledge is important (37:00)
  • Book recommendations (39:23)
  • The power of books (48:26)
  • Conclusion (49:51)


  • “You can never really stop learning. There’s always new stuff to learn from books.” – Joey
  • “If you’re in business and you want to be successful in any degree, you’ve got to read.” – Joey
  • “McDonalds basically pioneered the structure of how the back of the restaurant should move because it makes it fast. That’s why they call it fast food: because of processing and how they do it.” – Joey
  • “Knowledge is a really elastic thing.” – Joey
  • “I like a bit of Reddit; you get a bunch of random stuff on there.” – Joey
  • “Cognitive dissonance is the term, when something is that drastic that it will change your foundational beliefs, so you have to project it.” – Joey
  • “A lot of scientists go through this just to see what it’s like. You are given all this profound knowledge. You can’t bring that profound knowledge you’ve got into present day. You can’t make sense of it.” – Jamie
  • “We almost look stupid as human beings, the way we look at our phones.” – Jamie
  • “You should never take any knowledge off of any comment section on any social media site.” – Jamie

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