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People love free stuff. It’s just the way we’re wired.

Done right, freebies can be a powerful marketing tool for digital businesses. In the latest episode of Just 3 Clicks, Joey Xoto explains how you can give things away and still make money.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Converting non-buyers (00:44)
  • Examples of free value (01:37)
  • Why give for free? (03:13)
  • Conclusion (03:57)


  • “Leverage these platforms [Facebook, Instagram, YouTube] to create qualified leads.” – Joey
  • “You might be thinking “there’s nothing I can give away”, but there’s always some kind of information element that you can provide that you can give away for free.​​” – Joey
  • “We don’t have to always charge people for stuff. If we can build an email list, we can then nurture that list, build an amazing level of rapport with those people, and then sell them a lot of stuff.” – Joey

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