How Lara Took Control Of Her Video Marketing Efforts With Viddyoze

The Situation

Meet Lara Iriarte: The Chartered Market Technician with a Knack for Price Movement Analysis

Meet Lara Iriarte, a chartered market technician who has a knack for analyzing price movements in markets. Lara is passionate about her work, but she faces a significant challenge in marketing her services.


This percentage of B2B marketers use video marketing.


It was reported that online videos had an audience reach of 92% among internet users worldwide.


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The Problem

The Struggle to Market Services Affordably: How Lara Iriarte Overcame Frustrations with Marketing Agencies and Found a Solution

Lara’s biggest headache has been marketing her services. She has found it challenging to find an effective way to reach out to potential clients without having to spend a fortune.

Lara has tried hiring marketing agencies and gurus, but each has been a letdown, leaving her feeling frustrated and disappointed. Lara needed a solution that would enable her to market her services in an affordable and efficient way.

Another thing I love about Viddyoze is that it’s so much fun, which has made me WANT to put my training courses together.

The Solution

The Power of Visuals: How Lara Iriarte Leveraged Viddyoze to Grow Her Business

Lara found a solution in Viddyoze – our video creation tool that has transformed her marketing game. Lara can showcase her skills and services in a visually engaging way that captivates her audience.

Viddyoze has also enabled Lara to create training videos, allowing her to teach others her technical analysis methods. Lara can now create videos quickly and efficiently without having to hire expensive graphic designers or video editors.

Lara has taken control of her marketing efforts, and the results speak for themselves. Viddyoze has transformed Lara’s marketing game and has opened up new opportunities for her to grow her brand.

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