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No Technical Experience Needed: Choose From 1000s Of Logo Animations & Transform Your Brand In Just A Few Clicks!


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Turn Any Logo Into A Professional Animation In Seconds.

Use our logo animation maker to create incredible, professional logo animations in just a few clicks. It’s time to level up your brand when it comes to video content. 

Gone are the days where you needed to spend countless hours, or dollars on professional animation software, or freelancers. You can do it yourself in just a few clicks.

With 1000s of animation templates to choose from, the creative control is with you. Just simply choose a template that best suits your brand, style and industry, upload your logo, and let Viddyoze do the rest.


Unrivalled Choice Of Logo Animation Templates

Find The Perfect Logo Animation For Your Brand.

Many businesses and content creators fail to make their videos count because their brand presence isn’t felt throughout the content.

That’s where a logo animation comes in.

Forget the learning curve of techical animation software, or wasting thousands of dollars with freelancers.

With Viddyoze, you have your own logo animation maker at your fingertips.

Viddyoze was created to help you create powerful logo animations without having to be a technical wizard. In just a couple of clicks, you can choose a template, upload your logo image, and Viddyoze goes to work.

In just a couple of minutes our logo animation maker turns a template and your logo into a professional logo animation you can download and use anywhere.


Create Logo Animations In 3 Easy Steps


Choose A Template From 1000s Of Logo Animation Templates

We have a template to suit all brands and industries. 

Choose your favourite template from our unrivalled unique logo animation template library. (Or try a few different options) The creative control is really up to you.

logo animation maker


Upload Your Logo Image

Once you’ve chosen a template, simply upload your logo image. You’ll also have the option to customize colors and text on some of our logo animation templates too.

Once you have made your simple edits, just hit preview.

Our logo animation maker will create a preview in a couple of seconds for you to check over.

logo animations


Create & Download

Then just simple hit create, and Viddyoze will go to work and produce your full logo animation video in a few minutes.

You can then simply download the video and use it anywhere you want. It’s that simple.

logo animation creator

Unlimited Access For 7 Days For Free

Try Our Logo Animation Creator Completely Risk-Free!


Enhance Your Brand Instantly

With A Professional Logo Animation

There Are Many Use Cases For Logo Animations From Youtube & Video Content, To Professional Branding On Social Media Too.


For Youtube Or Your Website, Logo Animations Set The Tone Of Your Professional Video Content.

Whether you are looking to buy a product, or scrolling Youtube for your next episode fix, everyone feels the same about online video content.

As a business owner or video content creator, if your content has poor production standards, viewers move onto the next video.

There is so much video content out there, that you have to stand out.

And if you think about it now, when was the last time you watched a Youtube video that didn’t have a cool looking logo animation at the beginning or end?

Don’t lose customers to bad quality video!

Use Viddyoze’s animated logo maker to give your content the professionalism needed to convince people to buy your products.

It doesn’t matter how technical you are, our logo animation creator will turn any logo into a powerful, engaging logo animation in minutes.

Start Your Videos With A Powerful Branded Logo Animation

Starting your videos with an intro which prominently features your logo animation is a no-brainer. That’s because it forces the viewer to focus on your brand name for a few seconds.

The very best intros take this one step further by conveying their brand story in the logo animation too. They manage to explain which industry they operate in and express their brand personality with one short visually engaging clip.

With Viddyoze, you can create distinct logo animations across countless styles and industries just for this. This is also perfect for creating different logo animations for your brand too.

If you juggle multiple brands or multiple products, or just want to test a few variations of animations for your brand, you can do just that, as often as you want with the Viddyoze animation maker.


Logo Animations Are Not Just For The Beginning Of A Video. You Can Use Them As Transitions Too!

Transitions are a crucial part of video editing. Transitions are used to keep the viewer engaged throughout the video by switching scenes or camera views.

Because, let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay focused on single-camera setups or scene.

To make transitioning to different pieces of content throughout one video, you can make use of logo style transitions.

With Viddyoze, alongside our many logo intro animations, we also have a vast library of logo video transitions too. You can create more than just an intro with Viddyoze.

And So Much More!

With our logo animation maker you have no excuse in creating the best possible impact for your brand or business when it comes to video content.

We have 1000s of templates and you can transform any logo into an epic animation without any technical experience required. Try it for yourself now.

Unlimited Access For 7 Days For Free

Try Our Logo Animation Maker Risk-Free!


Alongside Our Logo Animation Maker You Also Get Access To 1000s Of Other Incredible Animation Templates Too.

Our logo animation maker gets your video animation journey started, but, it doesn’t end there. In fact. it’s just the beginning of what is possible with Viddyoze.

Alongside logo animations, you’ll also gain access to 1000s of other animation too, from intros, outros, mockups, promo animations and more.

We have animation templates that cover almost anything you can think of when it comes to video creation. They all work in the exact same way too. Just select a template, customize in just a few clicks and download.

Logo Animations

Turn your logo into a professional animation in just a few clicks.

Intros & Outros

Create incredible intros and outros to make your viewers take action.


Video Mockups

Our video mockups combine real footage with 3D animation allowing you to create unique short videos in minutes.

Video Transitions

Want your video transitions to look cooler than ever? We have hundreds for you to choose from.

Lower Thirds & Call Outs

Want to create a professional lower third, or “subscribe” call out for your YouTube content? You have stacks to customize inside of Viddyoze.

Social Animations

Want to promote your social media channels in your video content? We have the perfect animations for you to customize around your profiles.

Promo Templates

Want to create a quick promo video around a new product, service or announcement? Now you can with stacks of easy-to-use templates to choose from.

User Generated Animations