Maximize Your Brand Exposure To New Customers

Many businesses fail to make their marketing videos count because their brand presence isn't felt throughout the content.

Start creating content that makes viewers remember your business and tells them where to find more of you by adding logo animations to your videos.

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Retain New Viewers With Proper Branding

Most consumers prefer to research products by watching videos online. If your content has poor production standards, modern web users won’t watch until the end of the video - making it unlikely they’ll make a purchase.

Don’t lose customers to bad quality video! Use Viddyoze’s animated logo maker to give your content the professionalism needed to convince people to buy your products.

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Create Professional Logo Animations, Quickly And Easily

In the past, creating stylish logo animations required specialist software knowledge and a huge time commitment.

Now, thanks to Viddyoze, you can create logo animations for any project in just a few clicks. Simply choose a template and upload your logo - it’s as easy as that!

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How Viddyoze Enhances Your Content With Animated Logos

Start Your Videos With Branded Intros

Starting your videos with an intro which prominently features your logo animation is a no-brainer. That’s because it forces the viewer to focus on your brand name for a few seconds, giving them all the time they need to memorize it and become a fan.

The very best intros take this one step further by conveying their brand story in microcosm. They manage to explain which industry they operate in and express their brand personality with one short visually engaging clip.

With Viddyoze, you can create distinct introductions for each content series you produce plus your YouTube channel. If you juggle multiple brands or multiple products, this is your chance to give them their own identity and custom logo animation.

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Create Branded Scene Transitions

Transitions are a crucial part of video editing. Transitions are used to keep the viewer engaged throughout the video by switching scenes or camera views. Because, let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay focused on single-camera setups.

Savvy content creators, however, have recognized that transitions are an excellent opportunity to add extra brand touchpoints into their videos. They do this by using logo animations as their transitions.

Sign up to Viddyoze now and get access to hundreds of animated logo templates, which were built specifically for highlighting your logo during transitions and making a memorable impression.

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Get More Leads From Your Video Ads

Scrollers on social media channels are infamous for their short attention spans. You only have a few seconds to convince them to watch your video ads before they’ll keep scrolling.

Use this time wisely by opening your promo videos with a quick logo animation. This way you can still get your company logo and branding in front of people who don’t stay to watch your ads.

Get access to the Viddyoze library and choose a logo animation template or ad template to use as the bedrock for your next Facebook ad campaign. Our templates are built to look great on every social channel and are conversion optimized - so that you can boost the ROI of your ad spend!

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