Make Stunning Outros That Feature Your Logo

Content creators often struggle to get more subscribers because they don’t have enough brand touchpoints within their videos. If you don’t tell watchers who you are, they won’t remember your channel name or be able to recommend it to a friend.

Use Viddyoze to create YouTube outro videos that animate your logo and makes your watchers take notice, so they know where to find you and keep coming back for more.

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Grow Your Subscribers With An Outro That Calls Viewers To Action

You’ve shared great video clips. Now what? Your audience requires direction. Without it, they’ll click off your content and continue scrolling without performing an action.

Eliminate any confusion with end screens that have a clear call-to-action, using one of our outro templates. Whether you want viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel or visit your website, Viddyoze lets you create an outro that gets results.

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An Outro Creator That Makes Studio-quality Animations Easily And Quickly

Animation is your best friend when it comes to creating an unmissable outro or end screen. Thanks to Viddyoze, you can now create premium animated templates in minutes with no specialist software experience required.

Every Viddyoze template has been designed and animated, in-house, by our specialist team. All you need to do is choose an outro template or end screen, customize it (add music, color and images), then download and post! It really is that easy.

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How To Get Results Using Our YouTube Outro Maker

Use An Outro Template To Extend Your Watch Time

YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine. And just like every other search engine, it uses an algorithm to determine which content to recommend or display in searches.

Two key ranking factors in YouTube’s algorithm are retention rate and length. Remember, YouTube’s main goal is to keep people on its website for as long as possible. Videos that accomplish this are rewarded with extra visibility on the platform.

Use the Viddyoze YouTube outro maker to create an engaging outro that keeps people watching until the end screen. A well-crafted outro has the power to increase your retention rate and video length, which in turn, will give your channel a boost in visibility.

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YouTube’s Technical Requirements For Outros

When posting any content on social media, it’s essential that your creation looks great and displays correctly. Because if it doesn’t, the poor viewing experience will prevent people from watching it.

For the best results, YouTube's official guidelines recommend maintaining an aspect ratio of 16:9. An aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of the content, meaning that for YouTube, the content needs to be 16 units wide and 9 units long.

As long as you maintain this aspect ratio, the platform can automatically resize your content to make it look great on any mobile device. And to make things even easier, Viddyoze natively produces videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio, so that you can create perfectly formatted YouTube content, every time, without any headaches.

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Make An Outro That's Consistent With Your Branding

When launching your channel on YouTube, it can be easy to put off finalizing the visual elements of your branding such as: fonts, color palettes, and logo. However, delaying the visual design elements of your brand makes it harder to attract subscribers.

That’s because you’re lacking brand recognition among your target audience. The goal of a strong brand identity is to make your marketing or content immediately recognizable to your audience. Regularly chopping and changing visuals makes this impossible because it gives your audience too much to try and remember.

So to make your content instantly recognizable to your audience, even in busy newsfeeds, keep your logo and branding consistent across all of your content. Especially during your video intro, transitions, and outros (also known as YouTube end screens).

Doing this with Viddyoze's outro maker is easy: we have a number of template families which you can apply to your videos to give them a consistent look and feel.

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