Earn Followers Faster With Branded Video Tweets

To grow your follower count on Twitter, you need to add more brand touchpoints into your content, otherwise you risk people not taking any action when your tweets go viral.

Viddyoze enables you to create distinctive videos which prominently feature your logo and messaging, so that tweeters know where to find more of your content, and follow your page.

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Get More Engagement On Your Tweets

Did you know that tweets containing video generate 10x more engagement than tweets without video, according to research published by Twitter itself? If not, that’s your cue to stop posting generic text tweets which bores your audience!

Instead, use Viddyoze’s Twitter video maker to create eye-catching videos which make people enjoy interacting with your account and get them retweeting your posts.

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Twitter Video Creation Made Quick And Simple

Before Viddyoze, if you wanted to tweet regular video content, you’d need specialist software knowledge and have to plan your content well in advance, to allow time for the animation to be completed.

Now, you can create studio-quality videos, in minutes, with just a few clicks. Simply, logon to the Viddyoze app, choose one of our Twitter video templates, customize it with your imagery and branding, then download and post! Keeping your Twitter account active with regular video posts really is that easy.

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Make Twitter Videos Which Get People Talking

Create Twitter Video Ads Which Get More Clicks For Less Money

When we tell pay-per-click (PPC) marketers that there’s an easy way to bring down their customer acquisition cost and get more leads without increasing their budget, they think it’s too good to be true. But not only is it true, it’s also easy to implement.

The trick is to use compelling video ads, which grabs your audience's attention, and makes them clearly understand which problems you solve. The stats speak for themselves. Video marketeers get 66% more qualified leads per year, whilst at the same time, raising their brand awareness by 54%, according to Optinmonster.

So what are you waiting for? Start making your Twitter ad campaigns more profitable by switching your creative to conversion optimized videos. Viddyoze’s Twitter video maker empowers you to build video ads, which drive sales, by clearly explaining how your product can transform the lives of your customers.

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Announce Your Sales Promos With A Video Tweet

When running a promotion or price discount, brands are often left disappointed when their limited time offer doesn’t cause the rush in sales they were hoping for. But more often than not, the lack of sales isn’t because your offer wasn’t generous enough, it’s because you haven’t done enough to make your customers aware of the promotion.

To put it simply, if you’re not using Twitter videos to get the word out about your promos then you’re making a huge mistake. A whopping 93% of brands claim to have generated new customers by posting videos to their social accounts, reported by Hubspot.

Start generating buzz on Twitter by posting professional announcements video which firmly puts your offer into the spotlight. Viddyoze’s exclusive video templates are built to stand out on crowded newsfeeds, so that your messaging can reach more people and make your promotion a big success.

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Use Videos To Introduce Your Brand And Tell Your Story

Not all marketing activity is designed to generate sales right now. Savvy brands take a long-term approach by focusing on building their brand awareness, so that when they’re potential customers are ready to buy, they think of them first. But to make this strategy work you need to make your marketing memorable. Here’s how to do that.

Harvard Lecturer Jerome Bruner’s research into cognitive psychology confirms that facts are 22x more likely to be remembered when presented in a story. Combine this with Insivia’s case study, which claims that viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in a video, and the answer is clear: create videos which tell your brand story.

Thanks to Viddyoze’s Twitter video maker, telling your brand story has never been easier. Our video templates have been constructed to entertain watchers and guide them through a narrative, so they retain all the crucial information about your brand, and ensure that they come to you when they need your services.

And are you ready for the kicker? An estimated 2 billion videos are viewed on twitter everyday! Making it the perfect channel to get new people watching your brand story video.

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