Tell A Love Story Through Video

No other couple has the same story. With our wedding video maker, you can share that story through images and video clips, so the couple and their guests can relive the special day over and over again. Our wedding video templates are designed to put the focus on the newlyweds so everyone can see the love.

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Turn Every Moment, From Planning To Ceremony, Into A Video

The Viddyoze app is an all-purpose solution you can use to create content for every single phase of the wedding, such as:

• Save-the-date videos to drum up excitement for the big day
• Wedding invitation videos to send to guests
• Slideshows and montages to play during the event
• Slideshows and videos of the wedding itself
• GIFs and short videos that are perfect for social media sharing

Ultimately, the more professional-quality videos you capture, the more incredible memories you’ll be able to share with the happy couple.

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Create Wedding Videos Super Quickly And Easily

Never had to create a wedding video before? Not sure where to begin? Our wedding video templates give you a massive head start. Super fast and simple to use, it allows you to create videos in just three clicks, giving you the bandwidth to concentrate on what's most important: choosing the most special moments to share!

All our templates are fully customizable, helping you create a wedding film, a wedding slideshow, or any other type of video content that's totally unique and true to the happy couple’s love story.

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How To Get The Most From Viddyoze’s Wedding Video Creator

Create Shareable Moments For Social Media

Weddings and social media sharing are a match made in heaven. It’s the perfect opportunity for newlyweds to share their big day with all of the connections in their network. And it allows them and their guests to look back on the day whenever they choose.

Use Viddyoze’s wedding video maker to create multiple short video clips which are perfectly optimized for social media virality. That way, even absent friends can share in the magic of the special day.

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Remember The Special Day With A Wedding Video Recap

Want to make a wedding video that's short and sweet? Maybe you want to complement your full-length wedding video with an edit that's short enough to share in a social media post or email to loved ones who weren't able to attend the big event? A wedding video recap is the perfect option.

With a recap-style wedding video, you can package up all the most important moments, from the walk down the aisle to the vows, speeches, and family reactions.

But isn't it a whole lot of extra work to make multiple versions of a wedding video? Not with Viddyoze! We offer all the tools to create new projects in minutes, with hundreds of readymade templates and sophisticated-yet-simple video editing functionality. When you're done, the happy couple can even add their recap video to their wedding website.

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Celebrate Important Moments With A Wedding Slideshow

Everyone knows weddings are packed full of memorable moments. But inevitably, some will stand out more than others. The first dance; stolen time away from family and friends; cutting the wedding cake.

And then there are all those behind-the-scenes events that make a wedding day what it is -- things like announcing the engagement, picking out a wedding invite or save-the-date card, trying on the dress for the first time, and driving to the ceremony.

Why not package all those special memories together by creating a wedding slideshow?

Wedding slideshows are a quick, easy, and stylish way to share your best wedding photos and video clips from before, during, and after the big day. You can even ask the happy couple and their guests to suggest their own favorites and include them in your slideshow.

If this is your first video slideshow, don't worry -- it's a simple process (as long as you use Viddyoze!). Just choose the wedding photos and videos you want to include, cut your videos into parts, then add transitions to move slickly from one image to the next. You can do it all in just a few clicks.

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