Get More Leads By Posting Conversion Optimized Video Ads

Facebook itself has confirmed that videos drive more engagement on the platform than any other content type. If your ad creative only consists of static images or simple text posts then you’re missing out on new customers.

Viddyoze enables you to create Facebook ads which get noticed and make people want to buy your products. Start generating more leads for less money.

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Build Your Audience And Grow Your Page Followers Much Faster

If the goal of your ad campaign is to grow your Facebook followers then you need to post less sales content and more informational content which entertains.

In addition to product and promo videos, Viddyoze guides you to create branded video content which educates your audience and prompts them to follow your page to watch more.

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Create Videos To Support Every Facebook Ad Campaign, Quickly And Easily

Most businesses fail to maximize their Facebook ads budget because they recycle the same creative instead of producing new creative which will better resonate with the audience they’re targeting.

With Viddyoze’s Facebook ad maker, you can drastically lower your customer acquisition cost by quickly creating new videos for every ad campaign, without any technical skills needed.

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Strategies You Can Execute With Viddyoze’s Facebook Ad Maker

Create And Target A Lookalike Audience Based On Your Customer Data

Facebook’s lookalike audience is a powerful tool which allows you to display ads to people who closely match the profile of your existing customers.

All you need to do is export your customer list as a .csv or .txt file and upload it to Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook will then find platform users who match the demographics, age, occupation, etc. of your existing customers and add them to your lookalike audience.

Finally, create a series of video ads to target them. We recommend creating testimonials, product videos, and company intro videos. These will raise awareness of your brand and work to generate more leads.

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Boosting Video Posts And Targeting Recent Engagement

Facebook allows you to increase the reach of your organic posts by ‘boosting’ them for a fee of your choosing. We recommend searching through your analytics dashboard and identifying which of your video posts have generated the most engagement. Next, boost as many posts as you can for the next 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, your page will have driven tons more engagement from new followers. To capitalize on this, create a new targeting segment based on people who have watched your video content in the past 30 days.

Lastly, create a video ad which promotes a limited time offer to new customers! This is an effective way to provide purchase-urgency to people who’ve recently shown interest in your brand.

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Remarketing To Specific Product Page Visitors

If you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you can display Facebook ads to people who have previously visited your site. It’s a great way to re-engage potential customers who left without making a purchase.

A common missed opportunity we see many businesses make when running remarketing ads is not creating ads which directly feature the product their website visitors showed interest in.

Get ahead of your competitors by providing personalized ads which drive sales. Use the Viddyoze app to create individual product videos for your entire stock. Then, refine your remarketing so that your website visitors only see ads for the products they showed interest in.

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