Tell Your Story With Easy-To-Read Lower Thirds

The best lower thirds relay crucial information without distracting from the visual content on-screen. Think of an interview or a product promo video where the viewer needs extra context to grasp what’s happening - an interviewee’s title or a product’s name, for example.

Viddyoze gives you access to hundreds of pre-made, easily customized lower third templates. With our lower third generator, you can craft more effective messaging and vastly improve the viewing experience for your audience.

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Use Lower Thirds That Feature Your Logo And Branding

A branded lower third is a simple way to grow trust in your brand. Think of it this way: the more recognizable your content, the more people will pay attention to your message. When used correctly, a well-made lower third will add credibility to your videos.

With Viddyoze you can create engaging lower thirds that match your branding. Edit the colors, add your logo, and even include your business’s preferred text type. Why not make things really pop with an animated lower third template? We have plenty to choose from!

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A Lower Third That Stands Out On Social Media

The vast majority of people watch videos online with the sound turned off. So, how can you get their attention? Engaging animated lower thirds are one way to tell your message online without disrupting the browsing experience.

An animated logo in your lower thirds is a simple way to catch the eye on social media. Using Viddyoze’s lower third generator you can make stand-out video content, which pulls scrollers onto your page, in a matter of minutes.

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Using Viddyoze’s Lower Third Generator To Create Highly Engaging Video

Use Lower Thirds To Make Your Viewers Take Action

Every video needs a strong call-to-action (CTA). Why? Because videos that have one convert more and offer a better ROI. But sometimes a CTA needs to be subtle, as well as convincing, without interrupting the flow of your video content.

Enter lower thirds. Whether you’re asking people to sign up to your newsletter, like and subscribe on your YouTube channel, or enquire about prices on your website, lower third CTAs get the message across, with minimal disruption to your content. Using our lower third creator, you’ll be able to easily create engaging lower third CTAs in minutes.

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How To Make The Perfect Lower Third?

A great lower third stands out without distracting from the video itself. We know, that sounds kind of hard to create. But with Viddyoze, it's easy to make an effective lower third that gets the point across in a subtle way.

Here's how. First, make sure any text is short and to the point. No essays - the point of a lower third is essential news only (for example, a person's name and job title). Next, include your logo - not too big, not too small. This is just a little reminder of who you are. Finally, edit the color to match your branding, and try to avoid anything too distracting - hot pink might not work for a serious interview!

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Do All Videos Need Lower Thirds?

Dynamic lower thirds add an extra level of engagement to your videos. Often a combination of text, graphics, and animation. Lower thirds give vital context to your content when it’s needed most. So, which type of videos should you use lower thirds for?

Lower thirds are most often used when the audience needs a little more information in addition to a video’s visual content. They work well in interviews and documentaries, introducing the speaker’s name and title, for example. They’re also great for product videos, adding extra info, such as product specs. Ultimately, the more useful information you provide, the more likely your video will convert.

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