Build 3D Animations With No Technical Skills Required

Before Viddyoze, creating custom animations which featured your logo and captured your brand feel was a nightmare. It required advanced skills with specialist software and took days, even weeks, to get right.

Now, all you need to do is login to the Viddyoze app, choose a template, and upload your logo. It’s as easy as that: studio quality animations in minutes.

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Professional Animation Made Affordable

In the past, if you didn’t have the skills to create awesome animations, your only option was to hire an agency. Agencies are great but expensive and it can take them a long time to deliver an animation you’re happy with.

Viddyoze’s online animation maker provides elite animations, super quick, without breaking the bank. Our lifetime licenses start from as little as $97 USD.

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Inspire Consumer Trust In Your Video Content

Video content often fails to convert watchers into customers when the production quality looks cheap. Signs of an unprofessional video include: not having a branded introduction, not using unique transitions, and not incorporating lower thirds into your content.

Use the Viddyoze platform to give consumers the confidence they need to buy your products. Through our online app you can easily create intros, transitions, and lower thirds which compliment your branding.

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Grow Your Business With Professional Animations

Don’t Confuse Your Audience With Mixed Messaging

Too many video marketeers fall into the trap of overstuffing their content with different messages or CTAs in an attempt to maximize their ROI.

But this approach tends to confuse watchers and confused customers don’t convert.

Every marketing team has multiple goals and objectives they want to achieve. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep each video focused on one specific outcome.

Including multiple animated CTAs into your content is recommended, just ensure that each CTA in your content is working to accomplish the same goal.

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Keep Your Brand Videos Looking Consistent On Social Media

When posting a new video, you want your audience to instantly recognize that it's your brand’s content when they first see it in their newsfeeds.

To achieve this colors, fonts, and correct logo usage all need to be defined and followed stringently in everything you post.

It can be tempting to mix up your video animations from time-to-time but to build brand recognition your video intros/outros, lower thirds, and transitions must always stick to your branding guidelines.

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Use Animations To Call Your Watchers To Action

To give your marketing videos the best chance of accomplishing their goal it's imperative they include calls-to-action (CTA) for your viewers.

CTAs work because they give the watcher clear instructions on what to do next; without a CTA viewers might not understand what the video is trying to do.

This is where animation in your video content becomes crucial.

Constantly interrupting your scenes mid-speech to include CTAs will provide a poor viewing experience, making it unlikely people will watch to the end.

However, branded lower third animations which intermittently appear on screen, without disrupting the viewing experience, are an effective way to convert your viewers.

Viddyoze has created a ton of CTA animation overlays (including lower thirds) which you can apply to your content to achieve your ideal outcome.

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