Give Your Students A More Engaging Way To Learn

There’s 4 defined learning styles for students: visual, auditory, read & write, and kinesthetic. It’s essential for classrooms to provide a combination of each style to give every student the best possible learning experience.

With Viddyoze, you can turn your lesson plans into engaging videos which help your visual and auditory learners to achieve the best grades possible.

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Attract Prospective Students With Video Marketing

Each year the competition to attract new students to your institution is fierce. Parents and students alike are judging your campus, facilities, and track record.

Viddyoze enables you to distinguish yourself from the competition by creating professional student recruitment videos which will excite prospects and drive applications.

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Create Educational Videos, Quickly & Easily

Whether you’re making educational videos to support in-class learning or to raise the profile of your school, Viddyoze makes the creation process easier than ever before.

All you need to do is logon to our app, choose a template from our library, customize the template with your message and branding, then download when it’s ready. It’s as simple as that! Top-quality video content for your institution in minutes with no technical skills required.

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More Ideas For Using Animated Educational Videos In Your School

Support Remote Learning By Building An Online Video Library

Many students struggle when doing homework or independent study as they don’t know where to find helpful information to solve the task they’re working on.

Make the learning process easier for your students by creating an online resources hub, which they can access from anywhere to find useful tips and lessons on the problems they're facing.

All you need to do is create the video clips using Viddyoze's educational video maker, upload them to YouTube (or anywhere else), and voilà! You've just boosted student engagement by creating a video library full of educational content.

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Transform Your School’s Social Media Presence

It’s no secret that video posts on social media drive way more engagement than basic text posts or ones with a static image.

With that in mind, what content are you most frequently posting to your social channels? If the answer is anything but ‘video’ then you’re missing out on an easy way to grow your followers and boost your organic reach.

By signing up to the Viddyoze app you’ll be able to regularly post studio-quality video projects which get noticed on crowded timelines. Some video ideas are: news announcements, study advice, promoting social clubs, student testimonials, event highlights, FAQ videos, or alumni accomplishment videos.

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Make New Students Feel At Ease With Video Welcome Packs

Starting a new school can make students of any age a little anxious. The change of scenery and step into the unknown can represent a big change in their life’s.

One way to make new students feel at ease before arriving is to create branded welcome videos which answer all the questions they might have.

Things like teachers profile videos, guided campus tours, and ‘day in the life of’ videos can go a long way to retaining happy students.

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