White Label Branding

Discover How You Can Make Viddyoze Your Own With Our One Of A Kind White Label Solution...

Viddyoze makes it easy for you to create professional, jaw-dropping video content in just a few clicks.

But that’s just the beginning.


Join thousands of companies that are streamlining their branding with Viddyoze

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Viddyoze can also be your own platform.

With our full white label solution, you can have your own branded video creation platform setup in minutes under your domain name, with your logo, brand and colors.

Whether you want to...

Run your own video creation software business and charge monthly fees for access.


Provide clients with their own self service video creation solution.

Or even...

Create a brand new “value add” to your members, team, franchisees, students or more.

With Viddyoze White Label, this is all possible and the opportunity is limitless.


Interested to find out how you could take advantage of this huge opportunity for your business?

Check out our full on demand webinar demo below for a full in depth look at how Viddyoze White Label works, and the many different ways you can tap into this opportunity.

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How Does Viddyoze White Label Help Your Customers, Clients Or Members?


Videos Are Among Your Most Valuable Business Assets, Boosting Your Brand’s Visibility And Cutting Through The Digital Noise To Create Meaningful Connections With Customers


97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand their products


90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision


81% of businesses are now using video for marketing


80% of all internet traffic will consist of video by 2021

Viddyoze Rocks!

The entire Viddyoze team is there to make you successful.

Lisa Schwartz

In 2015 We Created The Platform To Help All Tap Into The Video Revolution!

Creating professional video content was hard, unless you know what you are doing. Here at Viddyoze we set out to make it easy, and we achieved that in 2015 when we first launched.

In just a few clicks you can create a professional video animation in minutes, and with zero technical skill. Over the years we have further improved and innovated our technology to provide more templates and more use cases for them.

Over The Years We Noticed Something Huge!

As our users created more and more incredible videos, we noticed many created for others, whether clients, members, or customers. And we noticed another opportunity to create a video revolution.


What If We Could Allow Anyone To Make Viddyoze Their Own Video Creation Platform?

From agencies, to schools, and franchises to member associations. How powerful would it be, if we could allow anyone to take Viddyoze and make the entire platform their own?

Imagine the possibility if you could make Viddyoze your own, provide your own managed access to clients, customers, members etc. under your brand, not ours, and charged what you wanted to do that.

Well, that is exactly what we have achieved with Viddyoze White Label.

With Viddyoze White Label You Can...

Fully White Label Our Platform On Your Own Domain

Provide your clients and other businesses with your very own video creation platform. All of our templates, all of our features, for your clients, on your own domain name.


Choose Your Own Logo & Brand Colors

Not only do you get Viddyoze on your own domain, but you can also change the logo and the colors of the app to match your brand and identity.

Add & Manage Your Own Users Under Your Own Brand

With Viddyoze White Label you also get the ability to add and manage your own users. Manage their access to your white label account and manage how they render. They only see your business and brand, not Viddyoze.


Create Color And Client Brand Palettes

Work with the same clients consistently? Forget having to re-upload images and logs, and remembering color combinations and hex codes. Save client brand palettes and assets inside of your white label account.

Custom White Label Pages

Working on a project for a client and want to show them it? Create white label preview pages inside your account and share them with clients. Perfect for providing download links to video content you create for them, and showing off what you can do for them.


Renders Multiplied

Forget one render at a time. With Viddyoze White Label you can render upto 10 animations at the same time allowing you to scale your video marketing business.

No Product Like it!!

Viddyoze is awesome! There isn't another product on the market that helps marketers better convey their products than Viddyoze. I for one am hooked!! Thanks Viddyoze!!

John Biester

If You Have Ever Dreamt Of Running Your Own Video Marketing Platform, Or Having The Ability To Provide Self Service Video Creation To Your Clients, This Is It!

This Opportunity Isn’t Available Anywhere Else On The Planet!

Ready to find out more?

Check out our full on demand webinar demo below for a full in depth look at how Viddyoze White Label works, and the many different ways you can tap into this opportunity.

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