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Home » Blog » How to Make Engaging E-Learning Videos Online 2024

How to Make Engaging E-Learning Videos Online 2024

Creating e-learning videos that make learning enjoyable and captivate your audience is crucial. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to make your e-learning content engaging and how to keep your viewers coming back to tune into the next lesson. 

Know Your Audience

Firstly, understanding your audience is pivotal in creating any successful e-learning content. Are your viewers employees, students, or hobbyists? Creating content that meets their needs and expectations will improve their engagement. 

Students: Consider the educational background and age range of the students. Each bracket has different levels of understanding and learning preferences. 

Professionals: Make the content industry-specific and consider their experience level. Is this entry-level training for employees looking to improve their foundational skills, or are they experienced experts looking to improve their current knowledge? Provide practical, applicable information that can be digested easily and implemented immediately. 

Hobbyists: Hobbyists are often motivated by their passion and interest in a topic. A relaxed and entertaining approach littered with fun facts can be effective. Join forums and online communities related to your topic to see what questions people are asking and what problems they’re facing. Use this research to create e-learning content that provides value to your audience. 

Keep It Short and Sweet

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so aim for concise videos. Research shows that the average viewer’s attention span is around 8 seconds. This doesn’t mean you need to make your videos 8 seconds long but try to keep them under 10 minutes where possible. 

Break down your lengthy content into bite-sized videos. This will make it easier for your audience to retain the information. Shorter videos are also more shareable, which will help you reach a wider audience. 

When creating your e-learning content, focus on key points using clear, concise language. Trim any unnecessary chatter to get straight to the point. Enhance your videos with visuals and examples to help illustrate your points clearly. 

Use Engaging Visuals and Graphics

Visuals can greatly enhance the impact of your e-learning videos. Charts, infographics, animations, and live-action footage can all be used to illustrate complex ideas and data. 

Infographics: Online tools such as Canva can be used to create professional-looking infographics without any previous design experience. Infographics can turn boring statistics into eye-catching visuals that can be digested at a glance. 

Animations: Free online animation software like Viddyoze can help you create simple animations to explain processes or concepts that are difficult to film yourself. 

Live-action footage: Props, gestures, and real examples can be effective when explaining your points and aiming to make your video more relatable and engaging. Each visual should complement your content rather than distract from it, so avoid cluttering your training with too many overwhelming visuals. 

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Interactive videos turn viewers into active learning participants. Quizzes, polls, and clickable links can boost engagement and retention.

Quizzes: A roundup quiz at the end of a segment can reinforce key points covered and allow learners to test their knowledge. 

Clickable links: Share links to resources, articles, documents, and other videos to encourage your audience to explore the topic you’re covering further. 

Interactive content: Use tools like H5P to create and share interactive e-learning content, such as fill-in-the-blank activities. An interactive lesson like this will make your content more engaging. You will also be provided valuable data on viewer engagement and how they interact with your training. 

Be Yourself and Have Fun

Being authentic will help you connect with your audience. Show some of your personality and let some of your passion for your e-learning topic shine through. When you’re having fun, your viewers will too. 

Share personal stories or anecdotes related to your experience of the training or the topic. This will not only help illustrate the points you’re making but also make your content more memorable. 

Engage with your viewers by responding to any comments and asking for feedback on the training session. Your viewers will appreciate feeling part of a community. 


Creating engaging e-learning videos requires understanding your audience, keeping your content concise, and using online platforms such as Viddyoze to create compelling visuals. 

Follow the tips outlined in the post above, and you’ll create e-learning content that educates, entertains, and inspires your audience. 

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