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Home » Blog » 10 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas to Go Viral in 2024

10 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas to Go Viral in 2024

Are you considering starting a YouTube channel but would prefer not to show your face? Luckily for you, faceless YouTube channels are gaining popularity and can be very successful.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 10 faceless YouTube channel ideas that can send you viral in 2024.

10: Digital Art and Animation

Do you enjoy drawing or animating and showing your process of creating tutorials? A digital art and animation channel can be the best choice for you. Channels like “Draw with Jazza” and “Domics” have millions of followers.

Great content for the channel could be speed drawings, time-lapse videos or detailed step-by-step tutorials to engage your viewers. By sharing your unique style and creative process, you can build a community of art enthusiasts who appreciate your artwork.

digital art animation channel


ASMR videos focus on relaxing sounds like whispering, tapping, and crinkling. Channels like “ASMR Darling” get great results without showing faces. Use a high-quality microphone to capture your sounds and enrich your videos with calming visuals.

asmr channel

8: Gaming

Commentaries are key in gaming channels that feature gameplay, reviews, or walkthroughs. For inspiration, check out channels like “VanossGaming”. To engage your audience, include your voiceovers alongside themed content such as lore explorations, game reviews, and “Let’s Play” series.

gaming channel

7: Tutorials and How-To’s

Teach your audience new skills in cooking, DIY crafts, or tech tutorials. Show each step visually with a voiceover providing clear instructions. “5-Minute Crafts” is a great example. Share step-by-step guides, tips, and close-ups to help viewers follow along.

tutorial channel

6: Meditation and Relaxation

Share guided meditations, relaxation techniques, or sleep stories using visual stories with calming voiceovers. Check out channels like “The Host Guys,” which has a strong following. Relax viewers by focusing on clear, slow-paced narration alongside background music and nature sounds.

meditation channel

5: Commentary and Reviews

Share your views and thoughts on movies, books, TV shows, and current events using engaging visual clips, images, and text. “CinemaSins is a channel that does this brilliantly. You can keep your viewers engaged without showing your face. Provide insightful and thoughtful reviews to build a loyal and engaged audience.

review channel

4: Nature and Travel Vlogs

Use drone footage, scenic shots, and background music to capture the beauty of nature and travel adventures and let the visuals tell the story. Share your voiceover or on-screen text with interesting facts about the location or some personal experiences and insights. High-quality footage and incredible stories can transport viewers to locations worldwide.

travel vlog channel

3: Product Unboxings

Engage viewers by sharing demos of new gadgets, unbox subscription boxes or toys. The channel “Unbox Therapy” has mastered this niche. Use close-up shots and highlight the packaging and contents to create an unrivalled unboxing experience. Pair your footage with voiceover commentary to keep your viewers interested and hooked on the new products you’re unboxing.

unboxing channel

2: Educational Channels

Explain scientific theories and historical events, teach languages, or explore any subject you love and make it accessible and engaging using animations, drawings, and screen recordings. Channels like “Khan Academy” break down complex topics into understandable clips. Keep your explanations clear and concise, and use visuals to make the content fun and informative.

education channel

1: Voice Acting and Storytelling

Bring stories to life using your voice to narrate classic tales, original stories, or character voices. Use your narration alongside cool illustrations, animations, and backgrounds to enhance the storytelling experience. YouTube channels like “MrCreepyPasta” have created a dedicated fanbase by sharing this content. Feel free to experiment with different storytelling styles and include sound effects and background music to add more immersion to your stories.

storytelling channel

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, the top ten faceless YouTube channel ideas for 2024. Which channel will you start?

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