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Home » Blog » 9 Overlooked Templates that can Transform your Festive Content

9 Overlooked Templates that can Transform your Festive Content

Many businesses rely on traditional templates for testimonials, product promos, and festive messages, but that means a treasure trove of templates is often overlooked.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Viddyoze’s customization options can breathe new life into nine templates you might not have considered for your festive content.

Get ready to witness the magic as we reveal the before and after transformations of each template.


Before: Standard testimonials can sometimes lack the holiday spirit. A simple text overlay on a solid background may not capture the festive cheer your brand wants to convey.

Use this template HERE

After: With Viddyoze’s customization, testimonials can feature holiday-themed colors, transforming them into seasonal content.

Festive Messages

Before: A generic festive message might get lost in the holiday noise. A plain text overlay lacks the visual impact needed to grab attention.

Use this template HERE

After: Using Viddyoze, your festive message can transform into a captivating animation.

Product Promos

Before: Standard product promotions can be mundane. A typical slideshow may not convey the excitement and uniqueness of your festive offerings.

Use this template HERE

After: Imagine your products showcased with animated twinkling lights and a touch of holiday flair.

Year-End Achievements

Before: A simple list of achievements can lack visual appeal. Your brand’s milestones might not stand out amidst the sea of year-end content.

Use this template HERE

After: Viddyoze empowers you to turn your year-end achievements into a visually stunning display. Animated graphics and a carefully selected color palette can transform a list into an engaging and celebratory showcase.

Staff Spotlights

Before: Employee spotlights often consist of static images and text. This approach may not capture your team’s festive spirit or individuality.

Use this template HERE

After: With Viddyoze, staff spotlights can become dynamic and fun. Picture your team members being animated onto the screen, creating a warm, personal touch that resonates with your audience.

Coming Soon Announcements

Before: A traditional “coming soon” announcement might not generate the excitement you desire. A static image or text might not convey the anticipation of what’s to come.

Use this template HERE

After: Viddyoze enables you to tease your upcoming releases with animated graphics, suspenseful music, and a festive touch. Build anticipation by turning your announcement into an immersive experience.

Sneak Peeks at Next Year

Before: A sneak peek might go unnoticed if presented conventionally. A simple image or text overlay may not create the buzz you’re aiming for.

Use this template HERE

After: Imagine a teaser filled with animated elements, hints of what’s to come, and a festive atmosphere that intrigues your audience.

Countdown to Promo

Before: Countdowns can be bland and easily overlooked. A plain number ticking down might not create the sense of urgency you want.

Use this template HERE

After: With Viddyoze, your countdown becomes a visually striking element. Animated numbers, sparkling lights, and a festive countdown backdrop can turn a simple timer into an exciting event your audience eagerly anticipates.

Behind the Scenes

Before: Behind-the-scenes content can be dull without visual appeal. A straightforward look into your processes may not captivate your audience.

Use this template HERE

After: Viddyoze’s customization options allow you to add a festive touch to your behind-the-scenes footage. Animated overlays, cheerful music, and holiday-themed graphics can transform mundane moments into captivating glimpses behind the curtain.

Final Thoughts

Don’t underestimate the power of customization. Viddyoze’s versatile options can breathe new life into overlooked templates, ensuring your holiday content stands out.

Elevate your festive content and leave a lasting impression on your audience this holiday season.

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