How To Live Stream Video Online

When it comes to live stream video, 2020 pretty much changed the game. With Covid raging across the world, people needed a new way to connect – and live stream was it. Simply put, live streaming video isn’t going anywhere – and you should be using it.

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A shot of the office area including ping pong table and smokey Halloween effects over the image – used to support an article about creating video content for Halloween.

How To Use Video Content For Halloween (5 Frighteningly Good Ideas)

For a billion-dollar business in the US and multi-million-pound industry in the UK,Halloween is a marketing money maker for brands. But beyond a few pumpkin emojis and bad puns, what can you do to make your products stand out this October? You guessed it: video, of course. To give you a haunted helping hand, we’ve come up with 5 spook-tacular ideas that’ll have your content turning heads for the right reasons this Halloween.

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